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You actually decided to find out more about us?!  Awesome!  Nothing too crazy exciting here, but hey, you must be a least a little bit interested.  Why else would you have clicked on the link.  Off the Film Photography was established in 2015 when two people in love wanted to share their passion with each other (and hopefully not kill one another in the process).  We pulled Nicole's baby brother, Devon, into our mix to use him as our gopher... oops we mean our assistant... from the very beginning at our first wedding together as team.  Back then were were not a husband and wife duo just yet.  But that change shortly after as we officially became husband and wife in October 2016.  Marriage is an important part of our lives and we make sure at the end of the day, there is time for each other.  So far the best part of this adventure known as marriage is getting to hang out with our best friend every day and eat fruit snacks together!

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Hiya Everyone!  I'm the cat loving, detailed oriented and slightly OCD wife of Off the Film. Office supplies makes my heart happy... I own more pens than any rational person should.  Normally, I am the one responding to your emails.


Tis I the great bearded wonder...Ryan!  I am the fun loving (and better half) of the husband and wife team of Off the Film Photography. I'm a total nerd who will always find the lighter side of any situation and be ready to crack a joke. #Nikon4life


Hey, man. I'm Devon obviously the assistant for the wifey & hubby duo, as well as Nicole's little brother. I mainly enjoy hanging out with my boys & the lady friend, jamming on my guitar, or cruising on my longboard. #UsesWhateverNicoleGivesMe




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