Celebrating the Boys’ Birthdays


October is a month of celebrating in our lives… between birthdays and our anniversary. Both boys, along with Nicole, are all libras as they are all October babies. Normally, we celebrate the boys’ birthday at Ryan’s mom’s house, but this year was a bit different for us!

Nicole has always been one who enjoys hosting people, but before busying our house this year, our space was too small to celebrate properly.  However, our Erlanger house was the perfect spot for a joint birthday party for the boys.  Our guest list may have been limited but it was full of laughter, great conversation, and a bit of craziness, especially when you throw in a 3 and 5 year old.

With a 5-year age gap between the kids and wanting to make the day a little bit more special for the boys, coming up with a theme was a tad bit more difficult.  However, both of the boys enjoy playing video games.   Hello Gamer Birthday Theme! Jacob is a huge Zelda fan and Caleb loves Minecraft.  We added a special touch by getting sugar cookies made for each of their favorite game.

What would a gamer themed birthday party with out a few video games being played?!  Mario cart was the game of choice, especially for Ryan and his sister, Samantha.   Guess the love of video games is a learned behavior.

When each boy has a different cupcake flavor request… Jacob wanted chocolate with peanut butter icing and Caleb went with a simple strawberry and vanilla combination.

Remi found a spot to hang out and get a little rest after being “loved” aka tormented by the little nephews! Pixie and Pecko kept their space from the chaos by hanging out in our bedroom.

Funny story… the box of candles only had 24… but we needed a total of 25 (15 for Jacob and 10 for Caleb). So, since at the time of the party Jacob was technically only 14, we shorted him 1 candle. However, Ryan fixed the situation. After blowing out his 14 candles, Ryan relit one for an additional puff of hot air.

Caleb could not wait to unbox his new hoover board and take it for a spin! We only ended up with a few falls and one scrape requiring a band-aid.

When your dad is a bad influence and you’re just not sure about it. Ryan encourage Jacob to flick off the camera when Nicole was taking a photo. Based on his expression, he was very unsure if it was a smart move.

Leftover bubbles from a portrait session = Win with the toddler nephews!

Hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peek at the small birthday party we throw for the boys! It was a pleasure to be able to celebrate the kids birthday at our own home and able to create the experience we wanted for them.

Have a wonderful day,

Nicole & Ryan

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