Holy cow…. How has it been 2 months already?!?!  Living in our new house in Erlanger has been a very interesting couple of months so far.  Some days it feels as if we just moved but then other days, it feels as if we’ve been living here FOREVER! 

As we have rounded out our second month of living in our home, it is always fun to look back at the events of the month and see what we’ve accomplished.  Sadly, the state was still locked down due to the Corona Virus… so we once again, spent the majority of the time at home.  

Unlike the first month, we were FAR less productive, mainly since we’re at this weird stand still of things we can accomplish without going shopping. Our motivation was just not there. Alright, now the fun stuff, here are quick hits of how our second month has gone here as residents in Erlanger KY:

  • The second service call has been made, this time it was a leaking water pipe in the basement.  The plumber came and said it had to do with the bathtub tile/grout.  Guess what has been added to our to-do sooner rather than later list.
  • We bought a lawnmower… so our grass got a haircut!  We even made Jacob cut the grass once and learned Caleb just doesn’t have the strength yet to push the mower.
  • While getting excited about taking a photo of one of the cats, Nicole missed the 2nd to last step and took a tumble down.  She blames Ryan for pushing her…. Even if he was in the kitchen.
  • A weekend free of children, we headed to the old apartment to do a clean up and officially turned in our keys.  Officially not renting a place for the first time in our relationship together (and Nicole’s adult life)!
  • Second month in a row, our house was visited by an Erlanger officer.  There was a gun fired in the apartment complex behind our house in our direction, so the officer was just checking to make sure everyone was okay.
  • Nicole got fed up with the ugly ivy in the front of the house that was starting to overtake the porch.  So she decided to use the weed eater to start thinning them out until we could make it to the store to get gloves and sheers to starting start removing them.  Not pretty yet but definitely worked.
  • Ryan has been able to work at home a few days.  One day he even worked along side of Caleb doing his home school zoom meeting!
  • Ryan had a guy come out to give us a quote on our fence… yea we’re NOT going with that guy.  We’re still searching for a fence guy… but in the meantime, Ryan was able to shove the fallen section back up!
  • Our first major home improvement project was to replace our gutters!  Out with the old, leaky gutters and in with the new LeafGuard gutters.  Ryan is happy he does not need to worry about cleaning out the gutters at the top of a ladder… because Nicole would never climb up there!
  • Nicole’s friend, Davone and her boyfriend, visit the house for the first time, social distancing style! They did a drive-by view of the outside.
  • For the first time in our history together, we did not see either of our families on Easter.  We spent the day at home, alone doing nothing.  We did dye Easter eggs and make cookies with Caleb the weekend before.   Due to the virus, we did not see Jacob for Easter. However, we gave the boys Easter Baskets with mini bunny Pinatas a couple weeks later (better late than never). They had to try to break them!!
  • Our upstairs living room is still empty…. no new couch or tv stand.  Finger’s cross that changes soon!
  • Nicole’s parents, brothers, and sister in law visited our house for the first time.  We enjoyed spending the evening chit chatting and eating White Castles.  Nicole’s parents took our BYOC to heart… they brought their own chairs. 

Our second month was a little more relaxed than the first, but still we still have quite a few events to remember!  We are hoping our 3rd month in our new home will be a little more productive on the decorative side of things and void of certain things, such as visit by officers. We hope you enjoyed this recap of our month!

Nicole & Ryan

P.S…. Pecko has still decided we need to snuggle often! She loves sleeping on Nicole.

Pixie still is running the roost around here! She pretty much does whatever she wants and keeps her humans in line.

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