6 Month Milestone of Ryleigh


Over the weekend, we caught up with Miss Ryleigh during the morning at Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve to capture her 6 Month Milestone session. This park was a quiet piece of country in the center of the busy city! Nature paths, beautiful structures and the adorable little squirrel who wanted to be our friend. He stayed about a foot from us during majority of the session until Xander decided to chase him.Ryleigh is just as sweet as ever. She is hyper alert of her surroundings and she still has not warmed up to Ryan (maybe it’s the crazy beard). However, she wouldn’t let him out of her sight. The summer is winding down, but the temperature didn’t get the memo. We were all very thankful that we choose a morning session, by the time we left the humidity had kicked in.

Unlike her 3 Month Milestone session, Ryleigh loves rolling onto her tummy… even if she gave up at one point and had a small cry session. Then again… What is a milestone session without baby tears?!

During the second part of her session, Ryleigh rocked a Rosie the Riveter style headband!

Ryleigh is in love with her big brother Xander. Of course, we needed a side by side caparison of the two! It’s been our tradition since her newborn session.  This time… Xander was “reading” her one of his favorite books, I Love You as Big as the World by David Van Buren!

How adorable! Xander is using a book that was their mom’s growing up to keep his baby sissy happy!

The kids were getting hot… but we decided to try one last pose! Overall it turned out AMAZING!!  Ryleigh had to take the upper hand while she could.

Xander was such an amazing sport and of course a super awesome big brother!

When she’s not getting her photos done, Ryleigh enjoys watching Mickey on TV and playing with her toys. At this time, she has her ENTIRE family wrapped in her tiny fingers. This sweet baby girl enjoys being snuggled and carried around by everyone. With services like that, no wonder she has no interest in crawling… just yet. Ryleigh is definitely living the life of luxury!

While Nicole was working with Ryleigh, Ryan took an opportunity with Xander to catch a few of him! Xander enjoyed being able to jump off the logs!!! Who can blame him… it’s not like mom was watching at the time?!

Nicole was able to get a couple shots of this awesome guy while his sister was taking a break.

We had a great time working with Ryleigh and of course Xander! They are such fun, loving, and sweet children. We cannot wait till her 9 month session… it’ll be in the FALL! The best time of the year… until then, get some rest sweet baby girl!

Have an awesome day!

Ryan and Nicole



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