Skylar: 6 Months Old


Hello again our friends! Hope you had a fantastic week, we did! We are excited to share Skylar’s 6-month photos! We had an opportunity a few months (or 3) to do her first professional photos!

6-month photos are one of our favorite baby sessions! At 6 months, Skylar has so much personality and she is such a happy baby. The weather was not as warm as we would have liked, but it was still a beautiful spring day.

We met up with Mom, Dad, Aunt, and Uncle to do her photos at the big tree house in Mt. Airy Forest. The park is amazing and is great for nature lovers! Our crew found a corner in the tree house and claim stake for an hour.

Skylar is sitting up on her own… for the most part. She is still a weeble wobble baby, so we could not complain on how great Sky did considering how many times she fell over!

Finally, she gave up on sitting for a few and decided it was tummy time. At her 3-month photos, this baby throw temper tantrums if you laid her on her belly and now she’s all tummy time including silly faces.

This is the first time mom and dad joined in for a few photos with this sweet baby. We love when we are able to get both parents in the photos! These make great keepsakes for the baby in the future!

But of course, mom and dad needed a special photo of just them and Sky.

(I can honestly say this is my absolute fave shot of the day!… Perfect photo to truly capture her age!!! Nicole)

One advantage of it being slightly colder than we hoped was Skylar did not get too hot with the blanket. As we stated in our 3-month session, we had started planning doing photos of Sky all wrapped in a blanket. She absolutely loves her blanket and loved to get COMPLETELY wrapped up! What can we say… babies are just so cute!

As we were just about to move locations, we were able to capture this ABSOLUTELY adorable image of her looking up. So much sweetness and innocence coming from Sky!

As we left, Sky was pretty much done but we couldn’t help and capture a few shots in her Easter Dress…. Easter was the next day, so it was just perfect.

What was your favorite photo of Sky Baby?!

Nicole and Ryan

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