Tori + Nolan


The night before Nolan’s summer vacation from teaching ended, he asked his girlfriend out to dinner at Smoke Justis for “one last summer date.”  Little did Tori know, the beginning of the new school year would also be the beginning of phase in her life.  This was the night she would say “Yes!” to becoming his future wife.

Nolan and Tori attended the same high school but didn’t know each other real well.  Not only did they attend the same high school, but also they worked for the same school district as teachers.  One Christmas Night, following a high school tradition, Nolan and Tori ended up at the same local tavern with their respective friends.  Noticing her, Nolan asked a mutual friend to introduce them.

Fast forward a couple of years, Nolan realized Tori was the one for him.  As he talked about how amazing she was, we asked him how he knew she was who he wanted to spend his life with.  Nolan said it was simple, he could be 100% of himself.  There was nothing he had to hide from her and she was accepting of him as whole.  Honestly, who doesn’t want a love like that?

While Tori and Nolan were enjoying a cool drink on a warm summer evening, the sounds of an acoustic guitar began to fill the Covington Ky restaurant.  To her surprise, their friend Wes was serenading the bar.  Nolan ask Tori for this dance.  As they slowly danced to the melody of the music, Nolan reached into his pocket, grab Tori’s hand and got down one knee to ask her if she would marry him.  Overtaken by surprise and joy, Tori finally answered yes as she held back tears of happiness.  As they shared a kiss, the other guest in the bar began to cheering!  (Plus the bartender send them a celebratory glass of champagne). 

While stilling being overjoyed, we snuck down to the Roebling Bridge with Tori and Nolan to capture a few “just engaged” photos.  Plus, we enjoyed working on the bridge while it was still shut down for repairs.  Just engaged photos are some of our favorite images in the world, as the smiles are so big and happiness is just radiating from the couple! 

As we walked back to Smoke Justis from the Roebling Bridge, Nolan has one last surprise up his sleeve for his fiance. Waiting for them to come back was a room full of their closest family and friends who were hiding downstairs but were ready to celebrate. As we walked to our car, we heard the moment they entered the doors as the cheers, claps, and congratulations were extremely loud. Loud enough for the whole world to hear! Now that is a way to celebrate this life changing moment!

Tori and Nolan, thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your proposal!  Nolan, you planned everything perfectly and we’re so excited for you two!  Enjoy wedding planning process as this is such a fun experience that will fly by quickly.  We can just feel you two will be a stunning couple on your wedding day!


Nicole and Ryan

  1. Tania says:

    Aw this is so sweet. You photos are beautiful and crisp!!

  2. Mandy says:

    I love hearing how people met and fell in love. This is such a special story and you’re so right – these just engaged photos are always the happiest because you just can’t wipe those wide grins away!! Lovely!!

  3. Kelly says:

    This is so sweet and the photos are gorgeous!

  4. How fun is a proposal shoot!

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