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We want to start out by saying Sorry!! We missed posting last week’s blog… these couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of busyness! Definitely a good thing for a newer company but not always the best for an “old” couple!

This week, we’re going to keep things short and sweet. As we research how to grow your business, one common theme will come up over and over… Get your clients talking about you! Sounds extremely easy, but often can be a hard task!

In today’s world, an online presence is necessary for all businesses. Along with an online presence comes client reviews. Reviews are a sure way to allow your voice to be heard, both in a good review or a bad review.

Before you post your review, here are just a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Seek Help Before Blasting the Company: Negative reviews can impact a small business to a point of no return. If you did not receive satisfactory services, please please please reach out to the company and try to resolve the issue prior to posting a negative review. Now if you still are not able to work out the issue or correct the problem, feel free to post an honest review. Try to remember, you are talking about a person’s passion and life work when dealing with smaller companies. Be honest but not hurtful!
  2. 5 Stars: OK… real talk here… this is what we want! When you post a review online… we want 5 stars!!!! (yes we want you to be honest) but our goal is to create an experience you will rave about… thus deserving a 5 star review. We’ve heard, some people just don’t believe in a 5 start review unless you basically moved mountains for them. Remember… if you’re going to write a review about an amazing experience you received… don’t be shy with your star rating.
  3. Highlight Your Favorite Part: The simplest way to beef up and write a useful review… share your favorite part of the experience you had while working with the vendor. It could be something as simple as “They mailed us a handwritten Thank You card we received when we got back from our honeymoon.” Reviews are mean to share your thoughts of the company but in addition gives potential clients a slight bit of insight into how the company works.
  4. Share Images (If Possible): When reviewing a photographer, or any other creative, be sure to share your favorite images! Everyone will want to see what you’re raving about of course. Now, we understand not every platform will allow you to share but when you can… do! Show off the amazing job your vendor has done for you. Plus, we can admit it’s always nice to see a client’s favorite images!
  5. Timely: This point is quite easy to explain and grasp… share you review quickly after services. Waiting a year to post a review is OK… but doing it right will make someone very happy! Not to mention, you can post a review for every part of your experience (such as your engagement session and then the wedding day). You may have your engagement session months or even a year before your actual wedding. It’s OK to review how the engagement session and then again, the wedding!


After your experience, remember to simple take 5 minutes to share a review of your vendor.  Reviews help everyone have an idea what to expect and possibly take a struggling business and Turn it into a thriving one.


Happy Planning,

Nicole and Ryan

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