Inniswood Metro Gardens Family Session Jessica, John, and Johnny


Early one Sunday morning Mid-October, we drug ourselves out of bed and drove approximately 2 hours north to Inniswood Metro Gardens in Columbus, Ohio to capture baby Johnny’s 1st Birthday and family photos.  The love for this little guy and his parent was plentiful as they were surrounded by their extended families.  What we had figured would be a normal “mom, dad, and baby” photo session, turned into a full family reunion.  It was great getting to hang out with some familiar faces and seeing how much little Johnny brought joy to their lives.  Everyone’s face lit up when he was around!  So much love!!!In October 2017, Jessica and John welcomed a son into their lives, just shy of their 2nd wedding anniversary.  When they contacted us to photograph baby Johnny’s 1st birthday photos, we were honored.  Watching their family grow and their marriage flourish has been such a fun experience!  Since their wedding, they have taken on raising a foster child, having their own baby, buying a home, loosing a loved fur kids, and recently adopting a new fur kid!  They’re living the all american dream and we adore them for it.

Jessica and John will always hold a special place in our hearts. They were our first wedding we photographed together.  Ryan and John hit it off almost immediately, as they have similar interests.  Plus, when the groom’s cake was Zelda themed, Ryan was at home hanging out with John all day.  Their wedding day, as any wedding day, had it’s moments of laughter, tears, and romance.  As we were just newly engaged, it gave us something to look forward to for our own wedding!

In addition to capturing Jessica and John’s wedding day, we were able to capture their little guy’s first month photos.  Unlike his first session with us, Johnny made an amazing new discovery just a couple days before.  His finger + His Nose = Insert.  It just shows, kids will always give you a run for your money, even at such a young age.  Thankfully, we were able to distract him the majority of the time and only ended up with a handful of images with his finger in the nose.

This Mickey doll save the day!  It would talk and catch Johnny’s attention every time.

Guys… a moment of “real” talk… this image was very difficult to get!  Working with little ones can be one of the most difficult things in the world.  So, the fact they’re all in the frame and mostly looking at us, is a big win in our world!  No, this image is not perfect but we know one day all these cousins will look back and be thankful for this image together.

The entire crew that showed up for family photos!

Being on the crafty side of things, Jessica made Johnny’s 1st birthday decorations herself.   The little guy loves Mickey Mouse, so it was a no brainer to his big day was surrounded with Mickey Mouse decor.  To pay homage to those who couldn’t join them for the family session, special props representing each lost love one was brought for Johnny to be photographed with.  

This cake is simply adorable… made by his momma, Jessica!  Our original intentions was to do the cake smash at the same location as his individual photos.  As John was carrying the cake into the park, he was stopped and told he was not allowed to do anytime of cake sessions on the grounds.  

Jessica and John, we had a great time hanging out with you on a beautiful fall afternoon!  We loved working with your family again and just enjoyed Johnny’s crazy hair.  We can’t say we are will miss the Mickey doll but hey, it worked.  Your family will always have a special place in our hearts and we’re excited to continue to watch your marriage/family journey.

Have a Great Day,

Nicole & Ryan



  1. Mandy Provan says:

    What a fun first birthday session!

  2. Amber says:

    So true that even if a photo isn’t perfect you can still look back and be grateful for the photo. Love the one of the cousins and the whole family!

  3. Alissa Moore says:

    What a cute cake!! 😍

  4. Amy says:

    These are beautiful!!! My boys love that little MIckey too!!

  5. Sarah says:

    What a sweet family! You captured Johnny’s birthday beautifully!!

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