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Your wedding day will seem like it flies by in no time at all. One minute your alarm is waking you up and the next you’re on the way to the honeymoon. Carving out time for the moments you want to vividly remember on your day will be vital and one of those moments should be when your dad gets to see you as a bride for the first time.

The idea of adding another thing to do on the big day is just overly stressful. Yes, you love your dad but just not sure if the added stress will be worth it? Well here are our top 4 tips on why a Father/Daughter First Look is a great idea:

  1. Special Moments with Dad: When thinking about your wedding day as a child, you may have imagined your dad walking you down the aisle and dancing with you at the reception, but what about all the other times throughout the wedding day? A Father/Daughter First Look is a perfect opportunity to share a few moments with the man who showed you how to be loved. These can be private or public (your option) … but they are a way to show appreciation to this man who has been there from day one. Most fathers are over the moon when he is waiting to see his baby girl for the first time on her wedding day all dressed up. Life is about moments… sometimes slowing down and creating time to have those moments will allow you to fully enjoy all the parts of your day.
  2. Seeing His Reaction: Wedding days are jammed packed and small moments may get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day. One of the moments may be the first time your dad actually sees you all dolled up… hair, makeup, and of course your perfectly altered dress. By setting specific time aside for a Father/Daughter First Look, you can guarantee you’ll see his reaction. Normally, dads are just as emotional as a groom to be when they see you, as a Bride! There may be tears or just pure astonishment of how stunning you look!
  3. Emotional: Most men we meet are not big on displaying their emotions publicly, but just as you, the bride, your father will have so many emotions on your wedding day! He is gaining a new son but at the same time, his little girl is becoming a wife. There is something about the idea of she will be a wife that runs deep in a dad. It’s almost like this is the moment she becomes a woman (even if you’ve been an adult for a few years). Having a Father/Daughter First Look allows him the ability to share his joy with his little girl one last time. (He may even shed a few tears)!
  4. Doesn’t Intrude on the Day: Believe it or not… a Father/Daughter First Look does not take much time at all… maybe 5 minutes out of your day! The Father/Daughter First Look is a perfect transition from the getting ready to your First Look with the groom. By utilizing all possible transitions on your wedding day, you can maximize your coverage (aka you get more photos)! Lets be a little honest as well… you’re dad is worth setting aside 5 minutes. We have never had a dad or bride complain about having chosen a Father/Daughter First Look! It’s the perfect way to get the day started after prep.


The best gift you can give your dad on your wedding day, is special memories. A Father/Daughter First Look will allow another opportunity to give him those sweet precious moments with his little girl one last time before she becomes a wife. His reaction will be just as emotional as a groom’s… honestly, if not more! You won’t regret carving out an additional few minutes in your day for your daddy! There is just a special bond between a father and his daughter that no one will ever replace.

Happy Planning,

Nicole and Ryan

  1. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

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