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Today we welcome Chelsea from Salon Rhonda in Hyde Park to our blog. She is bringing amazing advice for your wedding day hair! Chelsea has been working as a hair stylist in the Cincinnati area for over 7 years. While chatting over “coffee” at Panera, she explained her favorite part of being a professional hairstylist are the connects she makes. Not to mention, her days are always different with her constant variety of hair!

As photographers, we know how important your hair style will be to help make your day a huge success. This is the reason we wanted advice from an amazing professional. Thankfully, Chelsea wanted to share her top 5 tips to make your day perfect:

  1. Trial: This is one of the most important parts of your wedding hair prep! However, as much as we love your bride tribe, it’s recommended you keep the extra gals at home. Believe it or not, you’ll love having some “alone” time and your opinion will be completely yours! When you arrive, be sure to bring ALL your hair accessories, along with a photo of your dress (if you’re in it… even better), and a few options of styles your considering. Remember, to spend a little time narrowing downing you’re your options. Keep in mind your trial is not limited to a one-time deal. If you’re uncertain and want to try a different style, schedule a second trial. The goal is to allow your stylist an opportunity to practice so things will run extra smoothly on your wedding day.
  2. Be on Time: Your wedding day will be scheduled pretty much from the moment you wake up. The first part of your day typically filled with hair and makeup. What does this actually mean? Your morning will determine how the rest of the day will run… if things are on time, your day will be less stressful. However, on the flip side, if your late then your hair and makeup will run behind causing the whole day to fall behind. Remember, this goes for your girls as well! Be sure everyone knows what time they need to arrive!
  3. Avoid Creating Schedules: It’s so easy to fall into creating schedules for everyone! Your whole day is outlined and if you’re anything like Nicole was, you’ll schedule everyone else’s day. There are a couple of vendors you should avoid making a set schedule for… one of them being your hair stylist! Allow her the creative freedom to work as she sees 􀁿t. Give her a start time and make sure at least 2 of your ladies have arrived by the start time, with the remaining arriving within in an hour of start time. A hair stylist will make adjustments as she goes along and not feel pressured to work with “Suzy at 10am” (especially if Suzy is late or still in makeup).
  4. Trust the Professional: By the wedding day, if you don’t already have one, your hairstylist and you formed a trust and bond. As part of your trial, listen to her recommendations regarding looks or styles most flattering to your dress. Her job is to make you look your best and she’s not going to let you down. Creating gorgeous wedding hair will make her just as thrilled as it will you! She was chosen as your stylist for a reason… believe in her amazing skills!
  5. Know the Room: Most of the times a stylist is walking in a prep room for the first time on the actual wedding day. To avoid a waste of time, have a game plan on where your stylist will be working… and make sure she has access to outlets! The last thing you will want is your stylist unplugging lights or crawling around the floor trying to find a place to set up.


Thank you so much Chelsea for offering amazing advice! Beautiful hair just enhances your overall bridal look and these tips will only ensure perfection! Our job is to capture your stunning look and it’s Chelsea’s job to get you there!


Happy Planning,

Nicole and Ryan

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