3rd Birthday Portraits of Skylar


Normally our jam is photographing weddings… but on a rare occasion you get to hang out with a crazy 3-year-old!  Skylar is like most toddlers… full of energy and enjoyed running around non-stop.Nicole had been capturing Skylar’s photos since she was 3 months old, so it was no surprise for us to be asked to photograph her 3rd birthday photos.  Just so you know, this is no ordinary toddler to us, she is the niece of a close friend, Kristin.

As we watch Skylar grow, we are excited to see her personality shine through.  She is outgoing and very talkative after she gets to know you (if you’re not too tall).  Skylar is full of sass and has a little bit of a bossy side to her.  She knows what she wants and has no qualms telling you.  Skylar is a girl who loves many things including her babies, The Trolls, and makeup!

The day of her photos was a little chillier than we had hoped for.  Yes, we know it was fall time, but a few days before it had been warmer.  However, the cold weather did not stop Skyler from enjoying herself.

Kristin was wanting a bit of fall color in the photos.  This wish resulted in us having to travel far for her photo session…  right outside of our front door!  All the local parks had lost their fall leaves, but daily Nicole kept an eye on the leaves in our complex.   Through the week leading up to the session, the trees had kept their leaves.  Jokingly, she suggested doing the photos by our place and Kristin agreed.

The night before the photos, we had a wind storm that had taken most of leaves from the trees.  Since it pretty much was the same story all around the city, we kept our plans to take Sky’s photos around our home.  Personally, we’re happy we didn’t change location because the light was AMAZING. (As photographers we are light chaser… therefore, we jump for joy when we have amazing light).

Though we did not have tons of fall leaves on the trees, doesn’t mean we didn’t utilize them on the ground! As a September baby, it was no big surprise when we decided Sky needed a big pile of leaves.  All the adults around collected leaves to make a GIGANTIC pile for her.  Then… there was a leaf battled.  Poor Sky was out maned but that didn’t stop her will. 

Skylar, we know you can’t read this yet, but someday when you’re older we hope you get to enjoy looking back.  You are such a fun little, sassafras.  We love your giving nature and your silly personality.  We love your constant smiles and giggles.  Our hope for you is to continue to give those giggles freely.

Have a Great Day!

Nicole & Ryan

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