Ali + Ryan


“She has a beautiful smile and you will see it on Saturday” was Ryan’s response when we made a mention of his future beautiful being attractive.  What a wonderful way to describe the woman he was about to ask if she would be his wife.

Ryan and Ali met during their college years at Murray State University.  Apparently, she lived a few doors down from a buddy’s apartment with a few girlfriends.  Being crazy college guys, they learned these young ladies played soccer.  So, to amuse themselves, the guys would head to the games and overly guy cheer for them!

After spending some time together, they began to fall for each other and started dating.  Fast forward a little over 2 years and Ryan decided Ali was his soulmate.  The one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with!

With family being a huge priority in his life, Ryan knew he wanted a woman who had the same values and morals as he did.  According to Ryan, Ali reminded him of his mother, who he described was the best woman he knew.  She is strong, slightly bossy, but also a kind, good hearted woman.  All these qualities he saw in Ali.  Ultimately, their share love for the Lord and their religious values sealed the deal for Ryan.  He knew this woman was the one for him.

Meeting with Ryan and listening to him describe Ali, we knew this was a man seriously in love.  Talking about her vivacious and fun personality, to her beautiful smile and her kind soul, his eyes lit up.   He knew he wanted to create a unique and memorable experience for his future bride.

Disguising the big event as just a romantic night out, Ryan met us down at George Rogers Clark Park in Covington, Kentucky just as the sun was setting behind the Roebling Suspension Bridge.  A few of his buddies went to pick up Ali and they brought her to him.  As we were checking in with Ryan, you could see the nerves slowly creeping in as he was waiting.  All the preparation and moments leading up to this did not prepare him for the emotions that were overtaking him.

The SUV slowly pulled up to where Ryan was patiently waiting for his beautiful girlfriend.  The driver gave Ali star treatment as he opened the door for her.  When Ali walked over to her man, he gave he a stunning bouquet of long stem red roses and baby’s breath.  While she was in awe of the view and the flowers,  Ryan quoted some of his favorite bible verses describing love.

We’re fairly certain this was THE MOMENT she realized his intentions fully!

As he finished, Ryan knelt down on one knee where he asked Ali to become his wife.  Ali was grinning from ear to ear when she of course she said yes!  After placing the ring on her finger, Ryan rose to give his now FIANCE a passionate hug and kiss.  The smiles and pure joy never escaped these two during the first few moments of being engaged.  This pure joy and raw happiness is exactly why we LOVE LOVE LOVE capturing their proposal.

As Ali was adoring her engagement ring, she had to wipe tears of joy from her eyes!

With the raw emotions still present for this newly engaged couple, we couldn’t help using this opportunity to create a few amazing photos for them.  Speaking from personal experience, the feelings running through you moments after getting engaged are like nothing else and we wanted to make sure we caught as many of those for this sweet couple.

Ryan had one last surprise planned for his fiance, a party to celebrate their engagement with their family and friends.  Ali’s parents are the owners of The Turn Vintage Warehouse and had helped arrange to have everyone there for them to surprise the newly engaged couple for a celebration!  Ryan’s family even came in town for the weekend just to celebrate this amazing moment in their son’s and now future daughter in law’s lives!

Ali and Ryan, congratulations on your engagement!  Just listening to Ryan talk about you at our meeting Ali, showcased his deep love he has for his future wife.  We are so honored to have been able to capture this once in a lifetime moment for you both and wish you the best during the next phase of your life… wedding planning!  You’re going to make a handsome pair on your wedding day!


Nicole & Ryan



  1. What a beautiful blog! Thank you so much for capturing this moment in Ali and Ryan’ s life so beautifully both with youe gorgeous photos and your words.
    Wendy and Curt Critcher

  2. Beautiful! Congratulations to you both! We love you and look forward to your wedding day! No wonder she cried – I cried reading about it.

    • nhupp says:

      Kathy, Thank so much! They were just the sweeteset couple! You can just tell how much Ryan really adores her!!!

  3. Jody Grady says:

    Absolutely Beautiful pictures taken of your Beautiful proposal day! Congratulations to you Both!💖💒💙💍

  4. Judy grady says:

    As her grandmother I was so thrilled to be with them at the party. . The pictures are beautiful and so sweet. I love this sweet couple very much. God bless them. Their future is forever.

    Grandma G

    • nhupp says:

      Grandma G! We’re so glad you were able to celebrate with the sweet couple! They are such a wonderful couple!

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