Alantis + Jordan


Last week, I (Nicole) received a call from my older brother, Nick, about doing a wedding. My natural thought was, um… you’re married… He explained that his niece, Alantis, was going to be proposed to soon. My “girl” instincts took hold, and I text my sister in law, Laura. We talked about this exciting event, and how she had a “feeling”, it was going to happen on Sunday. Slowly, I got the details from her… I knew the family was asked to be at Barnes and Noble at Newport on the Levee at noon. Her boyfriend, now fiancé, Jordan wanted to share this experience with both families.

Deciding to be a secret agent, I explained to Ryan, that I was going to head there and shoot the event, incognito. Heading to the levee, I managed to stay out of sight, for the most part, until the very end. The book store is two stories, and the family waited up top looking down. After, everyone came down and met the newly engaged couple… in front of the door. Keeping to the side, I was out of sight, or so I thought until my brother and sister in law caught sight of me as they were walking to greet the newly engaged couple. Mission failed… kind of!

Since my cover was blown, this gave me an opportunity to capture a few photos of the sweet couple and get a little bit of information about the how everything went down. Jordan has been planning the surprise for over a month. He coordinated with both his family and her family to be at the bookstore out of sight of Alantis, but with the perfect view of the proposal, up top. His mother helped him get the ring in the book and the staff at Barnes and Noble were more than happy to help with his plan. Jordan had even asked a friend, Hilary of NightOwl Photography to photograph the event.

Jordan ordered a book to be held for in-store pickup, her favorite, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Inside the book, a few pages were hollowed out to fit perfectly the ring he choose to place on her finger. Picking up the book, he took one knee as she opened the book to find a stunning rose gold and diamond ring waiting to be placed on her ring finger. Of course, she said Yes!!!! The news of their engagement was shared over the store speaker system, and an eruption of cheers, claps, and congratulations filled the store.Once it was official, he still had a couple of surprises up his sleeve for his new fiancé.  Jordan directed her attention to the upper level where all of their family was waiting! Alantis was thrilled to see everyone there to support the start of this new journey they were about to embark on. As her attention was on the family, Jordan asked for his last gift to be tossed down to him, an Anaheim Ducks hockey jersey with her soon to be new last name on the back!Needless to say, Alantis was surprised and thrilled by all the special touches that Jordan put into this monumental occasion. Alantis and Jordan, I wish you the very best and happy wedding planning! I have enjoyed watching you grown into a beautiful woman Alantis, and you deserve nothing but happiness. I hope the two of you enjoy this wonderful phase of your life, as it will go by so quickly. Congratulations on your wedding and have fun planning this fantastic day!

As I was talking to Jordan and Alantis, I learned that Jordan has been carrying in his wallet a note Alantis wrote him at work one day before they even started dating! To me, it’s the small actions that truly show how much someone actually means to you!





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