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Your date is picked. The ceremony venue is booked! The deposit has been made on the reception hall, and now you’re ready to book your photographer. Google is pulled up, and you type “Wedding photographers Cincinnati,” and you’re hit with SO many options! As a non-photographer, you start scrolling through… some photos speak to you and others are “nice.” Why does this happen?!

For the most part, all photographers have access to the same/similar equipment, editing programs, and the same locations (You did book a particular venue) but they capture things so differently. Every photographer aligns with a distinct style. There are THOUSANDS of styles out there, but the majority of them can be group into four larger categories! Below we have listed the categories and a description of each.

  1. Classic: This is the easiest style to describe… basically these types of images that provoke a timeless feel. The Imagery created is images that your grandmother would have had during her wedding day. Ideally, these photographs could be taken during various time periods (obviously the fashion would be different!) Classic images are photographed in a way that they would flow effortlessly in an album to display for family and friends.
  2. Documentary: When you open a newspaper and view images, these images are taken as the events unfolded in front of the photographer’s lens. Documentary wedding photography is similar to Photo-Journalism. The photographer is there to document the day as everything enfolds… without interfering or inserting themselves in the day. A documentary photographer will position themselves to capture the day. What happens on your wedding day is what you get but in a beautiful way!
  3. Lifestyle: Images created with lifestyle photography has the feel of documentary photography; however the photographer will have input on the unfolding of the events. The photographer will suggest on things such as where to stand when getting dressed. They may ask mom to move over a little to allow for better lighting. These images will feel as if the photographer captured the images as the events were happening, but most likely provided directions. A lifestyle photographer intends to showcase your wedding in the best light (pun intended) possible.
  4. Artistic: Dramatic lighting, bold spaces, unusual added elements. Artistic wedding photography is images that stand out and are more associate as works of art. This type of photographer will use different elements that are not what you would typically associate as wedding photography. Their goal is to create a piece of artwork to hang on your wall. Artistic photographers will look for the unexpected image to create their final product. Imagine getting a wedding day image that can be hung in an art gallery!

Please keep in mind; these are VERY broad breakdowns in the wedding world of photography styles. There are TONS of subgroups within these categories. While looking at images, try to match a group that it falls within to determine what style you’re drawn to… but some photographers may provide a variety of images during your day. For example… EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER is a documentary photographer during the services… they will not stop and ask you to move!

We’re sure that you’re wondering… Ryan and Nicole… what do style do you align with? Simple… We consider ourselves Lifestyle Wedding Photographers. We promise to capture beautiful images that will feel Intimate, Romantic and Classic… So if that means, we’re clearing out all the bridesmaids’ bags from a corner because we KNOW this is where the best light will be for getting your dress on… then that’s what we will do! We know you’re not an expert in wedding photography and that is why you hire a professional. Our Wedding Day Experience promises to keep your stress level down!

Happy Planning,

Nicole & Ryan

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