9th Birthday Portrait Session of Lexi


Thanks for coming back to our blog! The last couple of weeks have been super busy with wedding planning and life!!!!

Every year around the end of February I have a scheduled session where I have complete control over the entire look. We have done everything from Princess to Modern Chic. Some years, aka last year due to huge snow storm, our plans are completely scrapped because of the weather, but we still manage with a few tweaks of the plans to have an amazing session. This year we did something different… Just Lexi!

Changes are always occurring… this year Lexi herself had a big say in her clothing choices. She was so excited to show me her necklace and earrings with the letter “L” on them. Of course, I had to make the comment that her name began with an “A” not “L”. (Her legal name is Alexandria).

The following photo is one of my faves from the session… Lexi insisted on her little brother being in a photo with her! I know this will not be the case in the next couple of years… As she grows up, her little brother will be that… a LITTLE brother.Lexi has been a part of my life before she was even born. It’s amazing to see how much she is growing up from the sweet innocent little girl to the Miss Attitude Pre-Teen (in a good way). Our goal this year was to capture the little bit of innocence that remains in her. In a couple of years, she is going to be giving us a run for our money.

One of the amazing things about this girl is her spunky personality, and yes she gets that from her amazing Aunt Colie. She always likes to have fun and cannot be serious… but she has been around me long enough with a camera in her face to know how to work it!

And yes, here is that Pre-Teen Attitude I was talking about… she couldn’t hide it for the entire session!

Last but not least, Lexi kept requesting to be able to go under the bridge for her photos! The weather held off for us, but earlier in the day it was raining cats and dogs… Under the bridge was muddy, so I made her wait till the very end (just in case one of us fell down). I love her  sense of adventure and tom boyish nature.

Today, (and yes I was super excited to realize her birthday was on a Monday) I am excited to have been able to share her photos with you on her BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday Lexi Lou! I cannot wait to see what amazing things you will do and the amazing person you will become.

Until Next time, have an awesome week!


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