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Hello once again to our fabulous readers! This week’s blog is a very fun and exciting one for us to share. As our life is surrounded by tons of wedding planning, we thought it would be fun to share Jody and Mikes wedding… or for Ryan, his mother’s wedding!

Early last fall, Jody and Mike held a small intimate wedding at the Sharon Woods on the outskirts of Cincinnati, OH. The park made for an AMAZING backdrop. The couple did their nuptials within front of a small waterfall surround by colored trees. Jody’s bouquet added just enough fall color to set the stage.

One advantage of this wedding was we had the freedom to be very close. It’s always amazing to shoot a ceremony in natural light. The light was wonderfully hidden behind trees causing a soft light.

Some of the best moments of a wedding day are the first few moments after the ceremony when emotions are high for everyone.

After the wedding, we did some family photos but spent a little bit of time with the new couple. We took them down to the waterfall. Once again, it made a fantastic backdrop.

The excitement of the day continued at a backyard reception… except the reception was actually in the front yard. We were able to sit down and socialize with the entire family. We had a great time photographing their special day.

Jody’s sisters got the couple a sweet little weekend getaway for their wedding! Nothing says a good weekend like a bottle of wine!

The final photo of the day was the couple with their baby doggie Izzy!

We hope you enjoyed the photos from this great day as much as we enjoyed taking them! Hope you have a great week and check back next Monday for our newest adventures!

Nicole & Ryan

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