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Shawna and Brock had an intimate wedding this past August at The Wedding Chapel at St. Aloysius.  The day was a little warm (expected for August) and VERY sunny, but there was a little dark force surrounding their day.While planning their day, the couple were not concerned about having a traditional wedding day but, they were concerned with having a wedding day focused on their love.  Their love for one another and their (her) love for Star Wars.  Yes, Shawna is a huge Star Wars fan and when she envisioned her day, it included hints of this love.

Initially, we met Shawna and Brock at the Miss to Mrs Bridal Show.  At the time, they were not in the need of a photographer, so as a “consolation” prize, Ryan gave them our Bridal Shower Sticker.  Fast forward about 6 months and we received an email from Shawna.  She was looking for a photographer for her wedding (in about 2 weeks).   As they were only hosting a small, intimate wedding, they only need 1 photographer for a couple of hours.  So, Nicole booked the day as their wedding photographer.

When she met with the couple less than a week before their wedding day, they were discussing how the ceremony would unfold.  Shawna was more than anxious to share one of the unique features of her day.  While discussing her wedding with a co-work, it was mention she should contact the Ohio Garrison of the 501st Legion to see if any characters were available on their wedding day. Well, she did and at our meeting, she shared there would be at least some characters in attendance at the ceremony.  This would be their surprise to all the guests!  The Star Wars characters in attendance would be a part of their bridal party.

After leaving our meeting with the couple, Ryan was filled in on a couple cool parts of the meeting.  First, it’s a Star Wars themed with characters from the Ohio Garrison of the 501st Legion.  Ryan is also a Star Wars fan (but Shawna has him beat).  Second, our “consolation” prize sticker that says “Holy Shit, I’m getting Married” was on the back of Brock’s phone for majority of the past 6 months!  When we initially booked the couple, we had not realized we had met them before.  After hearing about their wedding day, Ryan decided tag along on the wedding day.

A few days before their wedding, Brock reached out to us to see if we knew a videographer who was available.  They had just received confirmation Darth Vader would be in attendance and he wanted to surprise his bride with a video of the day!  Hello adorable and romantic.  So, we found an available videographer, Matt of HUBB Media Productions, who was just as excited for the wedding as we were.

Right before the ceremony, Nicole was in the room catching some small moments as the bride and groom finished their final touches.  As Shawna inspected herself in the mirror, a huge smile crept across her face and she commented how she looked like Princess Leia.  We believe most girls dream of being a princess on their wedding day and most women grow up to become one.  Shawna’s Princess may have not been of the Disney type (at least in the beginning).

Being a non-traditional wedding day, final preparations were made together.  Nothing like your husband helping with the final touches.  On their wedding day, their guest were thrilled by the additional bridal party attendants.  However, the showstopper was the Bride’s escort down the aisle.  Who else can say Darth Vader walked her towards her future husband?  Yeah, we can’t either.   Marrying the love of their life was the greatest part, but a very second close was having Darth Vader escort her.  Shawna truly felt in her element that day.  (It also didn’t hurt that all the music playing was from Star Wars as well).

Emotions are expected on a wedding day and are normal territory for most.  But… we’re never any less impressed when a Groom shows his softer side.  Brock beamed of joy and happiness as he watched his wife to be walk down the aisle towards him.  This here is why we love what we do!

After becoming husband and wife, the couple and their guest enjoyed time with all the characters who were in attendance of the ceremony. 

The couple was well protected!

Of course… Darth Vader couldn’t keep his temper under control.

That was until the Flower Girl stepped in and showed him who was boss!

Once all everyone was under control… the couple was able to get a little bit more romantic in their first hour as husband and wife. 

Light sabers to save the day… just adding some extra light.

Shawna and Brock, Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your love story.  Your wedding was truly unique and perfect for you as a couple.  We loved how you made the day all about what you love… each other and Star Wars.  Hopefully, the first few months of married life has be as wonderful as you two are as a couple!  May the force be with you on this journey of life! (Yeah that may as much as Nicole knows of Star Wars).

Have a Beautiful Day,

Nicole & Ryan


Special Thank You to the Wonderful Vendors from the Day!

Venue // The Wedding Chapel at St. Aloysius.

Videography // HUBB Media Productions

Star Wars Characters // Ohio Garrison of the 501st Legion


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