2018 Faves


Last week we shared our fave images from our 2018 engagement sessions… well guess what?!  This week, we are going to showcase some of our favorite images from our 2018 weddings.  Super exciting right?!

Each and every wedding this past year was extremely unique.   Our couples brought their own style into their big day.   No two weddings were alike (in the least bit).  We saw everything from Darth Vader escorting the bride down the aisle to doing nighttime bride and groom portraits with the Cincinnati skyline.  One couple opted for a Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding ceremony and another say their nuptials on a lake dock of a family friend’s lake.

Being a wedding photographer means each wedding we are asked to photograph will have its own style, personality, and its own set of challenges.  We must be prepared for any and everything.  Getting chosen as the ones to capture the start of a couple’s legacy is such an honor even with the challenges we face.

Having this job does take us away from our own family on the weekends.  However, as we choose our clients carefully, we are often accepted by their families as one of their own.  We get to laugh with them, share quiet moments, and party the night away!  Nicole may be seen from time to time wiping a tear away.

As wedding days have so many different parts, we each individually chose our favorites from each part of the day!

We started with the bride and groom prep.  Sorry grooms, you didn’t get as much love as the brides did…. but they do spend quite a bit more time getting ready than you do.  There is nothing better than a bride getting into a dress.  She just looks radiant and simply… happy.

Just love love this moment.   Among all the hustle and bustle of the getting ready room, Shawna just took a moment to herself!

A mother’s helping hand is always appreciated by the groom!

One of favorite parts of the day happens shortly after everyone is all ready…. a First Look!  Only half of our couples chose to do a First Look this year (mostly because half of our weddings were shorter days).  This year, choosing to do a First Look save a couple on their wedding day and allowed them to get some amazing portraits together as their day was running a tad bit behind due to an uncooperative dress.  Hello another perk of choosing to have a First Look!!!

On top of doing a First Look for the couple,  Jillian decided to do a Father Daughter First Look with both of her fathers.   We definitely feel this should be a high priority for any daughter who needs a few moments with her day on her big day.  

Tell me what daughter does not want this reaction from her father on her wedding day!

First Looks = Hugs + Kiss + Big Smiles

After a First Look, we steal our couples away for their portrait sessions.  The emotions are running so high during this time.  The best part… we don’t have to do much to get out couples to be lovey dovey.  Those couples who opt to do not do a First Look, we’ll typically head out after the ceremony to get Just Married Portraits (and yes they are lovable during this time as well)!  

Plus, if life works out for us, we pull the Bride and Groom away at Sunset to grab some photos.

One wedding this year we had a special guest, Darth Vador…. the flowers bring out his eyes.

But he was kept in line by the Flower Girl!

Ceremonies are just filled with so many emotions.  This is usually one of the fastest parts of the day (unless it’s a catholic mass).  However, our goal is to capture the those sweet candid moments, such as when the Bride and Groom share a glance or awkwardly smile at each other.  

Tearful grooms = Our Favorite!

Just letting everyone know things are all good… even if the rings were left in the Bridal Suite.

Now… the most relaxing part of the day for everyone involved.  Reception Time!!!!  Our best friend becomes the DJ as he runs the show and we just capture all the amazing moments happening.  The toast are usually a little on the embarrassing but humorous side!

A big thank you to all of our sweet 2018 Wedding Couples!  You were ALL amazing and we just adored your big day.  Here is to many years of happy moments and laughter.

Have a great day,

Nicole & Ryan



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