Behind the Scenes 2018


Ok people… where did 2018 go?!  Weren’t we just welcoming in 2018?  And now we starting off 2019 today?!  Last year has been amazing for our business.   Throughout 2018 we had so much fun working with the great couples of all… they must be since they choose us to capture their big days!  Our year was filled with some very stressful moments but some fun moments as well.

It’s true what they say… surround yourself with great people and do what you love and it won’t seem like work!  We got to work with the one we love and some amazing people to help along the way.  Once again, Devon was along for the journey.  However, this year we got to meet and work with a wonderful young aspiring photographer, Brendan.

This year, we’ve been a tad bit better at catching some behind the scenes moments and thought who better to share with than with the world.  Some are very nice images showcasing us doing our thing but on the flip side, other are well… interesting!

One of our biggest jobs is to ensure we’re set up and ready to go with our lighting and who is the better subject to test than our better half!  Poor Ryan is usually the “model” more often than not.

Some times we need to test the location light as well.  Even if someone doesn’t have a free hand, you utilize all available resources… aka once’s hair.  Devon will make a beautiful bride someday.

First looks are one of our favorite parts of a wedding day.  To ensure a perfect spot and make sure our angles are good, we must test it out.  Like Ryan is normally the subject of light test, Nicole is normally the subject of first look location testing.  Plus, she tends to have the same “surprised” expression.

At times, we are caught making awkward faces and/or trying to be super “stealthy”.

Ok… we have to be on our A-Game throughout a wedding day… this may include setting up dress for the perfect dress shot and showing a newly wedded couple how to cut a cake.

This year we had good time photography our sister in law’s niece’s wedding and Nicole’s parents were guests.  Of course, we had to capture a nice little family portrait. (Now we see where Nicole gets her “go to” hand gesture from!

Besides making a new friend as an assistant, we also made a new friend who wanted to learn photography!  Nothing brought us more joy than seeing his enthusiasm and growth as a photographer!  Sadly, he moved north to be closer to his job and now we only get to watch his progress online.

Our job, we’re outside more often than not… which is perfectly OK for us… that is until it’s cold and you do what you gotta do to stay warm, including having your hand chill in the camera bag!

And no behind the scenes post is complete without a few photos of us in our elements.

And… then there is Ryan cuddling with a bride’s veil in front of her husband.  He looks so very happy!

We know you enjoyed our fun behind the scenes!  Feel free to let us know which is your fave moment from us!

Nicole and Ryan (Devon & Brendan our assistants this year).

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