Devou Park Senior Session


A couple months ago, we received an email inquiring about our services for a senior portrait session.  Angie explained she needed to make sure she hired the right photographer for her son, as she wanted to capture the who he is, and he needed the right person behind the camera to make that happen.  To make sure we would be a good fit, we set up a meeting.

During our meeting, Ryan and Alex spent the entire time chatting it up.  Their topics ranged from music to comic books.  This was supposed to be a quick meeting, we left well over an hour later and not too long after we set up a day to capture Alex’s senior photos.

Our initial day for his session was the first Saturday of December… but mother nature had her own intention.  Rain ALL DAY LONG!  So, with the holidays season in full swing, our first available day was this past Saturday.  So, Alex became our last session of 2018 on an overcast mild winter day!  If we say so ourselves, we went out on a high note with Alex’s photos!

One of our goals with every session is to capture a natural smile and Alex’s sense of humor made our job way too easy.  During the session,  Ryan would complained about being Nicole’s puppet because she would ask him to say something funny to make him laugh. Thankfully, after a few times of this, Alex would just naturally laugh just thinking about what may or may not be said.

Outside of school, Alex enjoys music, comic books, and spending time with his girlfriend.   Music plays a major role in his life as he is a drummer.  Many musicians, such as Nirvana, influence Alex’s playing and style.  During our initial meeting with Alex and his mother, we were told how he bought his SUV specifically so he would be able to easily transport his drum equipment!  If that is not a major part of your life, then we don’t know what would be!

Alex, we wish you an amazing second half of your senior year.  The time will go quickly, and you’ll be moving onto (more) exciting things.  Don’t forget to cherish these moments because there will be none like your last year of high school!


Have an amazing day!

Nicole and Ryan

  1. Angie Fannin says:

    You captured everything that we were hoping for and more. These pictures are everything that Alex is, and all that we love about him. The time you spent chatting with him and getting to know him shows through in the venue that you chose, and the moments that you captured at each of them. We can’t thank you enough. We love them.

    Angie ….aka Alex’s Mom

  2. Annette Barnes says:

    We are so proud of this young man right here! Ryan & Nicole thank you for bringing out what we know is inside for the world to see.

    Lots of Love from Steve ( his Dad ) and Annette ( his soon to be Mom #2 )

    • nhupp says:

      Steve and Annette,

      Thank you so much and Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It was great meeting you two.

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