2018 Faves


Who else is getting a little nostalgic as we headed into engagement season for 2019?!  The months between December and March are when most couples get engaged and is referred to as “engagement season.”  This is the time when your social media feed is filling up with images of stunning rings and happy Brides and Grooms to Be!

We are just as excited for this time of the year… nothing like love at one of it’s happiest and purest moments! So…  we love looking back at all the wonderful couples we were lucky enough to photograph in 2018.  Truth be told, there was just something about this year… we felt it this year we finally find our groove and started really getting imagery we were visioning in our heads!  These signs of growth and improvement are confirming we’re headed in the right direction!  So… 2019 will be our year (we just have this feeling).

Each one of the couples on this blog will officially become husband and wife in 2019!  Most of them have pick us as their wedding photographers (whoot whoot… great choice if we say so ourselves).  Those who are not an OTF couple were gifted their session from a dear friend and are still planning or we were already booked for their date.  This is going to be all these wonderful couples’ year as well!  2019 will be AMAZING!

Over the past year, we loved the fact each couple TRULY incorporated their personalities into the session.  We’ve had everything from dogs to typewriters to poke balls show up!  And guess what… we love it!  As much as we adore a “picture perfect” engagement photo, we adore little bits of our couples love story showing up as well.

So… to help with our overwhelming nostalgia, individually we went through each session from last year and chose our favorite image from each session.  There were a few times, our faves were the same image but since Nicole chose her’s first,  Ryan had to pick his second fave!  We’re not going to lie… this was a harder than we had thought it would be.  As we said before, things just clicked in 2018 and picking only 1 image from each session was ridiculously hard and nearly impossible.  Some images were “cut” simple because we needed either a vertical or horizontal image.   Our couples are just rock stars!

See… the guys get some face time… occasionally!  But as we say during the e-session… grooms to be are just handsome arm candy for their stunning ladies.

Yes… this is the only Ring Shot on the blog… Ryan absolutely love the vintage typewriter and ring combo!  So, it made the cut!

We want to Thank all of our wonderful couples who allowed us to be a part of your love story.  We cannot wait till we see all those stunning gowns and handsome grooms this year (whether it be in person or via social media).   Remember, you’re love story is as unique and beautiful as you are.  Enjoy the last bit of the wedding planning phase as it will go by quickly.  All we ask is to remember to take time and remember WHY you’re getting married.

Let us know which is your fave image?!  (And yes before you ask, some of these session are not on our blog… but keep an eye out as we’re working on the backlog of our late 2018 session due to a website/blog issues late last year).

Have a Fantastic Day,

Nicole & Ryan

Special thanks to all the wonder venues and/or locations we ventured to this year!

Great American Ball Park

Drees Pavilion at Devou Park

Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

Spring Grove Cemetery

Ault Park

Sharon Woods

Smale Riverfront Park on The Banks

Piatt Park in Downtown Cincinnati

Findlay Market in Downtown Cincinnati

America Sign Museum

Florence Nature Park

Glenwood Gardens

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