11th Birthday Portraits of Lexi


Want to talk about a WAY overdue blog… Hello Lexi’s 11th birthday photos.  But better late than never, right?!  We’re confident Lexi will forgive us for the late blog… we are like her fave photographers ever.  Plus, she practically had a 2nd photo session a few months ago with sunflowers. Each year, Nicole will capture Lexi’s birthday photos.  An annual tradition since she was a baby!  Major perk of having an honorary aunt as a photographer.  Our time together has been spent going somewhere new each year.

In the earlier years, we would decide on a theme and Nicole would go shopping with her mom for the perfect outfit(s).  This year, however, was a little different.  As Lexi is getting older, she wanted a tad bit more say in her outfit choices.  ***Insert sigh**** Our little girl is growing up.

As much as we love Lexi, there are days when her pre-teen attitude comes out in full stride.  Usually, we’re the by-standers and it’s towards her parental figures but on the rare (and we mean rare) occasion it’s directed towards us.  And, we will kindly put her back in place to being the sweet, spunky girly we know!  The joys of a girl trying to find her voice among adults.  This is a hard phase of life and we’re focused on giving her grace as she is going through this tough time.  We’re sure, just as we miss the crazy toddler years, we’ll miss the crazy pre-teen years soon enough.

Lexi is an amazing soul who feels deeply!  She is very kind and thoughtful of others.  (Just keep in mind, we’re talking about when the pre-teenatude is not happening).  Every year, since he’s be around, Lexi has always wanted a photo of her a her lil brother!  As time goes on, they get crazier but so does their relationship.

She has a “slight” obsession with both Harry Potter and Soccer. There are times she will talk about either topic, and we (especially Nicole) have no clue what is being told to us.  Guess, we just need to roll with the punches!

Not only is she growing as a soccer goalie, Lexi has started to take an interest in baking!  So… to say Nicole was overly ecstatic when they did some baking together this past Christmas together is an understatement.  Making memories are far more important than things to us… and baking with Lexi was definitely one of Nicole’s favorite memories of the past holiday season.

We’re sure someday she will hate us for posting this… but this IS a Lexi face.  

Her crazy photos with the little brother…

So, randomly this summer, when driving home Nicole saw a sunflower field off a highway exit.  She REALLY REALLY wanted to do some photos there, after seeing all the amazing sunflower photos online.  Lexi was the obvious choice… she is typically open for doing photos.  A little shopping, rain dodging, and crossing the exit ramp to a highway and now we have stunning sunflower photos!  (Insert tears as Lexi has completely lost the child look in these images).

Lexi, thanks for always being willing to hop in as a model.  You’re a beautiful person both inside and out.  Your smile and laughter are contagious.  Your love and caring nature are amazing qualities you should never loose.  Life will not always be easy, and as you get older this will more apparent.  Remember you are the key to your own happiness.  Continue to grow and learn things that will bring joy in your life.

Much Love,

Nicole and Ryan

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