Cincinnati Nature Center 2nd Birthday Portraits of Skylar


In just 3 short days, Skylar will be celebrating her 2nd birthday with her family. Over the weekend, Nicole met up with her Aunt Kristin and her at the Cincinnati Nature Center to capture this transition from being classified as a baby to a toddler. She did an amazing job! Skylar lasted for almost 2 hours of being photographed… but we guess it wasn’t difficult since she basically got to run around like a wild child and play.We were privileged enough to be able to capture the majority of her first year milestones (we missed her newborn photos… but we were a little busy on a vacation in Europe at the time!) Getting an opportunity to be around Sky Baby (we just can’t give up the name) again and seeing how much she has grown over the last year was remarkable.

These are thing nightmares are made of! The faces a child will make!!!!

This girl is going to be talker! The entire time we were around her, she just kept talking and talking and talking! We’re will perfectly OK if we do not hear the word Hi for a while. When anyone walked by us, Skylar was super polite and said Hi to them. However, she reserved her smiles for the guys that walked by! Sky Baby is a huge flirt!

When Nicole first arrived, her Aunt Kristin was trying to get her to say Nicole. That was not happening, so the name Nic was thrown out other… once again, nothing. How about Colie… more crickets. So jokingly, Nicole, said how about George, or Fred. All the sudden, Skylar decided to start calling her George. Great?! For the remainder of the day, anytime we would say look at George or where is George, Skylar immediately would look or point towards Nicole. Guess she has a new name!


Not only did she talk up a storm, but her hair! O…M…G… it is so thick and curly! Women everywhere would be jealous of her golden locks. Much to our surprise, all but one time, Sky left her adorable pigtails alone for the first part of the session. This was a major improvement from her 1 year photos! We knew she was done with photos when the flower in her hair was being pulled out over and over. As photographers, we will take this over a temper tantrum any day… but we may have snuck in 1 or 2 more shots along the way back to the car.Skylar, we hope you have an amazing birthday and a wonderful year! We are excited to watch you throughout this year continue to grow into the sweet and sassy little girl you are becoming!

Happy Birthday Sky Baby!

Nicole and Ryan


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