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If you a Type A Brides, this might a no-brainer for you but for the brides that tend to be a little less organized or scatterbrained, we’re hoping this revolutionizes the way you’re going about staying organized during our planning. Wedding planning sounds AMAZING until you get into the thick of it and realize HOW… MUCH… FREAKING’… PLANNING is actually involved! Who knew you had to decide so many things… like the color of your napkins (and apparently there are a million shades of white).

In a previous post, we talked about the Wedding Stress Monster… and we know firsthand how real it is. There was this one time, Nicole, was driving to work and for no apparent reason started to cry when she started to think of what she needed to do that evening for our  wedding. When working with us, you’ll learn Nicole can be OVERLY prepared and typically has it all together, but there is that moment in every Bride’s planning process where it all seems never ending.

Today we’ve gather our top 5 tips to avoid the Wedding Stress Monster as much as possible! These are the way we stayed organized and “on top” of things during wedding planning!

  1. Your Wedding Planning Book! Before we get lectured on how we’re in the digital age, we are using “Book” as a loose term. Having either a book, binder, or even a phone app where you can keep all your wedding details in one place will be a lifesaver. Our personal favorite was a cute, notebook that would fit nicely in Nicole’s purse. It offered flexibility to write down anything we needed, and we even purchased tabs to mark things. This worked great for us! We do not expect this to be the “perfect” thing for everyone… some Bride’s need to be told what they should be doing, that is where Wedding Planner Binders and/or App will be perfect. Find what will 􀁿t your style and run with it! Just remember to keep EVERYTHING in this book.
  2. Wedding Email! Honestly, we stole this tip from a previous bride and implemented for our wedding immediately! Yes, we understand that most people currently have an email already. However, you will be giving your email out to so many people or websites. Having a wedding only email is fantastic! All communication is in one place, just let the hubs to be known that anyone know needs to know about your wedding should use this email. There is no worry about which email you provided to someone. Having a central email for communications makes life a lot easier, especially when you’re looking for something specific. (Bonus: once the wedding is over… shut it down and no more wedding email spam!)
  3. Wedding Planning Timeline! In the past we have talked about Wedding Day timelines… please do not mix this up with Wedding Planning Timeline. A wedding planning timeline provides when you should be doing certain tasks, such as mailing out invites or booking your DJ. A simple google search and you will have plenty of timelines to choose from. Someone out there in the world wide web has spent hours determining the appropriate time to do things (and probably has had planned a wedding before)… save some stress and use their work! However, we suggest personalizing it to 􀁿t your planning process.
  4. Create to Do Lists! Once your way into the planning process it’s very easy to forget things. As you’re working on a part of your day, for example the reception, create a list of things you feel like you still need to do or accomplish specific to THAT part of the wedding. Trust us, trying to make a To Do List for the entire wedding is overwhelming and almost impossible! As you complete a task, mark it off. To Do List are continuously evolving during the planning process. At first, they will start out board and as thing get marked off or figured out, they will become very specific. Plus… the feeling you will get when marking something off is amazing!
  5. Wedding Items Boxes! As the wedding planning is happening, you will be buying things for all parts of the day. Gather a few boxes (paper ream boxes work perfect) and clearly mark what part of the wedding day goes in that box. When you purchase items that is for that part of the day, store the items in that box. Wedding stuff adds up quickly! We were shocked how quickly a few items turned into bags everywhere. Remember to store all the boxes in the same area, hence why paper ream boxes work great (they stack nicely).

We’re not going to lie, planning a wedding is stressful and you will probably want to drink an entire bottle of wine in one sitting at some point. However, set yourself up for success from the beginning! Create and implement a plan to stay organized during the entire process! The above tips can be extremely useful in that plan but remember to choose what works for you! Organization = Less Stress!!!

Happy Planning,

Nicole and Ryan

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