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“You were supposed to cry… I wasn’t supposed to cry” stated Lana to her soon to be husband Wayne, right after their First Look at the stunning Wedding Moons at Hocking Hills, Ohio.   They spent their last few moments as boyfriend and girlfriend together privately. The smiles and tears were abundance and the nerves began to settle (slightly). 

Lana and Wayne became husband and wife on Sunday surrounded by only their closest family and friends.  As most newly engaged couples, they started their wedding planning journey with the ideas of a big wedding.  As they ventured through their planning, Lana and Wayne realized that was not their style. 

Wanting to keep things more intimate, personal and simple, they began looking for other options.  Finally, they settled on hosting an intimate wedding a few hours north of Cincinnati.  Not only did Hocking Hills offer beautiful scenery, but it was special to Wayne. While talking with his mother, Wayne’s family visited Hocking Hills often while he was growing up. 

The day before their wedding, we headed up early to do a little location scouting at Ash Cave.  However, as we followed the forecast, we were disappointed as it said there would be rain ALL DAY LONG… with maybe a break early afternoon.  However, the weather gods were in our favor.  Yes, there was rain, but for the most part, they had a beautiful day.  Blue skies with white puffy clouds floating by all afternoon after a good rain in the morning. 

Hocking Hills Spring Wedding of Lana & Wayne

As Lana was preparing to walk down the aisle, she asked for her father.  She told Nicole how much of a daddy’s girl she was and even though she was getting married, she still needed him.  Sometimes as a wedding photographer, we need to make a judgement call on when a Bride or Groom may need a private moment… and this was one of those.  Nicole left the room to prepare for her grand entrance down the aisle and gave her father space to share a last moment with is daughter before she became a wife. 

Most ceremonies are quiet and series, for good reasons.  However, Ollie (Lana’s son) help make their ceremony a little bit more relaxed.  Sitting next to his grandma, he was not so shy about expressing his thoughts, such as “I don’t understand this”, “What he say?”, and “What she say?”  Ollie was asked by the officiant to join his mom and Wayne at the altar.  As the officiant was asking him, if he was happy to accept another parent into his life, he was just kept saying “Yes” over and over as she spoke.  Finally, when it was his turn to answer, he hesitated before answering with his response of yes!

After their I Do’s, Lana and Wayne shared their first few moments together outside privately.  These few moments, Lana’s emotions took over and all the tears of joy she had been holding back through out the day finally escaped her eyes.  Wayne just held her tightly and gazed at his wife with adoring eyes. 

One of our favorite parts of their day, was the amount of unexpected tears!  Yes, as wedding photographers we expect emotion on the wedding day and even a few tears of joy, but when there are more than normal tears, our hearts jump with joy. 

Once the emotions were under control… the fun began!

The moment cake cutting got “real”

When he thought no one was looking, Ollie helped himself to some icing!

It’s not a gamer couple wedding without some gaming!

The rain kept away majority of their wedding day, it did but a small damper our plans to venture to Ash Cave for portraits with the couple after their reception.  During dinner, the blue skies turned grey and a thunderstorm moved in.  The walk to Ash Cave is mostly a paved path, but to see the beauty of the waterfall, you must walk in sand, which after a thunderstorm would be just nasty.  But… this did not stop them for rocking their portraits around the venue!  We swear these two could be models!!

Lana and Wayne, welcome to the married kids club!  We had an amazing time as your wedding and are so happy you loved us so much to ensure we would still be able to capture your big day!  This means more to us than you will ever image.  Your family and friends were very sweet, and we enjoyed spending the day with everyone.  We hope your honeymoon in Florida will be relaxing and a way to decompress from all the wedding planning! 

Have a great day,

Nicole & Ryan


Ceremony & Reception Venue |Hocking Hills Wedding Moons

Tux Rental |Men’s Warehouse

Dress Store |Bridal and Formal

Cake Artist |North College Hill Bakery

Hair Stylist | Hair by Jessica at Cincy Beauty Parlour

Make-Up Artist |Najah J. Make-Up Artistry

  1. Amber says:

    Looks like it was a really special and intimate ceremony! Love the photo of the two of them and Ollie at the altar 🙂

  2. Alysha says:

    I love intimate weddings! Great post ❤️

  3. So happy the rain held off for you! Love her dress!!

  4. Mary Kate Anthony says:

    I love how beautifully you told this couple’s story through both your photos and your writing. Wonderful job!

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks so much! They were a fantastic couple and SUPER awesome to work with… made our jobs just WAY too easy.

  5. Britni Girard says:

    So sweet. Love their story and how beautifully you captured their day. Great job!!!

  6. I love that they had such an intimate wedding! My husband and I only had our closest family in attendance at our wedding as well and it was so perfect! Also, so nice that the rain held off for their wedding day! 🙂

    • Nicole says:

      We were more than thankful that the rain held off for MOST of the day! We also had a small wedding (30 people total including the staff) and it was perfectly us! I felt like I could enjoy it more

  7. Tiffany McNair says:

    Love the simplicity of this wedding! Such a sweet and intimate time for their family.

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