Our Annual Trip to the Camera Store


Have you seen the meme’s posted on either Facebook or Instagram with the caption “If you had 30 minutes to spend $10,000, where would you go?”  Our answer is simple… ProCam Cincinnati!  (Also… to be honest, we would need maybe 10 minutes to spend the ten grand). 

A couple weeks ago, we made our annual trip to the camera store and spent way more money than we wish to admit.  But… we each got 2 new babies to add to our arsenal.  Each year we make decisions on what we gear we want to upgrade right before wedding season and this year it was adding some new lens. 

For those who know photo gear, we each added a 24-70mm 2.8 Sigma Art and a 70-200mm 2.8 Sigma Sport lens to our bag.  Now, for everyone else… we added a lens (24-70mm) that will allow us to photograph the whole room or we can zoom in for closer images. The second lens we got (70-200mm) will is used to capture images while standing farther away. 

Funny story, as you know Ryan uses the Nikon brand, while Nicole uses the Canon line of camera gear.  The store manager at ProCam Cincinnati asked us who was going to give in first and switch brands.  We said in almost unison, never!  (Unless we ever switch to a third party like Sony)! When we were leaving, we noticed the sale representative had separated our gear into a Canon bag and a Nikon bag.  Good thing our gear didn’t get cross-contaminated by being bagged together. (LOL)

Now for the fun part… here are a few shots of our “unboxing” party we had. So we may be using the word “party” liberally, as it may have just been the two of us and our fur kids.  But hey, we enjoyed ourselves so, guess that’s all that mattered!

Miles was fighting Nicole for the box contents

OMG…. we think this may be our newest fave image of Miles

Think Nicole was a little excited here?

This lens weighs about 4 pounds… so Ryan was using it for bicep curls

We couldn’t’ forget lil girl Pixie… but she wasn’t a fan of the box.

Thanks for checking out our unboxing party with us and the fur babies!

Nicole & Ryan

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