Our Sweet Miles


6 months… it’s been 6 months since you were here on earth with us.  Giving sweet cuddles.  Driving us crazy.  Stalking us in the bathroom.  Trying to steal our food.  Taking cat naps wherever your little heart desired.  It’s been 6 months since we made one of the hardest decisions of our lives.  We made the decision to put you sleep, with the knowledge this would end your pain and suffering.

Even though you were only in our lives for 4 short years Miles, you have made a lasting impression on our hearts.  You were our first pet we got together and were meant to be in this family for many more years. However, we had to say goodbye sooner than we had ever wished.  There are days we still miss you and get teary eyed knowing we will never get to cuddle you again. 

Miles, you were a wonderful, chunky boy cat!  We could count on you finishing the food bowl and taking cat naps all day.  You were not able to curl in a ball but you trusted us enough to expose your stomach.  Often you want to be in the middle of whatever we were doing, helping us out.

The last moments we had with you are NOT the moments we want to remember.  In your 4 years of life, you provided us with many days of playfulness, cuddles, purrs (like a freight train), and adorable photo opportunities.  You were one of a kind and we always want to remember you that way!!! 

Here are some of our favorite memories of you!  These are the moments we want to remember and cherish for years to come… because you deserve nothing less than to be remember for the good chucky boy kitty you were.

  • You used to eat the fresh meat, right out of the container when mom would bring in the groceries.  She had to put them up first and if she wasn’t quick enough, you would get a raw chicken breast occasionally.
  • We would cat you licking the walls randomly.
  • During the first Christmas with us, you would climb up in the tree.  One day you fell asleep so hard, you fell out and hit the floor with a loud thump.  After, you looked around like WTF just happened.
  • Shortly after you came to live with us, your dad was laying on the bed.  You crawled on the pillow above his head and started petting his hair while purring.  Guess dad was being a good boy and deserved some lovin!
  • Occasionally mom would put you in cute seasonal outfits and you would immediately fall over like the world just crushed you.
  • After being an outdoors cat for 3 months, you did not like to go back outside but love fresh air, so you would sleep in the half inside and half outside… laying across the door frame. 
  • Right after you moved in, we had to take your sister Pixie to the vet because you gave her cat herpes… basically a really bad cat cold.
  • Places you loved to cat nap- the couch, the bathroom floor, tub, and sink, or on a pile of shoes.
  • If we were in the middle of doing something, you had to be in the middle of it.  You loved to “help” us out.  Most of the time it was great…. Other times, it was just annoying.
  • As a younger cat, you would knock over the garbage cans and shred the garbage bags while we slept.  Nothing like waking up to garbage all over the kitchen floor.  We were thankful when you grew out of this phase.
  • When mom was working on the computer, you would come lay between the keyboard and monitors.  If there was something in your way, you would wait till she cleaned it up.  Sometimes you would even hold hands with her as she worked.
  • You half sunbathed.  Only part of your body would be in the actual sunlight.  The rest was in the “shade” area.
  • Often you tried to steal our food and on the occasion you succeed.  Foods you were able to steal are pieces of bacon, a powdered donut, and Doritos.  One evening, mom was eating Doritos and you just walked up to her.  You bitch slapped the Dorito right out of her hand when she pulled it out of the bag.  Because of the audacity you had to just take it, mom let you keep it.
  • One of your weirdest habits including playing with Q-tips and then eating the cotton off the ends. 
  • Dad found out you had a fear of zippo lighters.  He was refilling his zippo in the bathroom as you were napping in the sink.  Once he flicked it open, you showed your fear by trying to back away from it.  Of course, you dad had to take a photo of you.
  • Anytime we opened a closet door, you would run in there like your life counted on it.  More than once, you got locked in.  However, one day you spend the ENTIRE day in the closet because you ran in there before we left for work…  we wondered why there was still food in the dish when we got home from work.
  • Fresh air was one of your favorite things in life, so you spent a ton of time in the windowsill.  Only one major problem, you were just a little too chucky to fit.  This one time you wanted to lay down and ended up plopping down on Pecko (who happened to be sleeping on the top couch cushion).   Needless to say, Pecko was not a very happy sister.  She struggled a bit but was able to get out from under you.
  • Wedding cake thief.  Yes, you were!  The night of our reception, we brought home the remainder of our wedding cake and left it on the counter.  The next morning, we found the cake box on the floor and you helping yourself to some delicious raspberry filled wedding cake.  No shame in your game.
  • You would create a hammock with the curtains and surprisingly, you did not pull them out of the wall.
  • Mountain of boxes to climb!  The best part of moving was the boxes all over the living room for you to climb.  But you HATED moving and hid under the couch.  Dad had to physically move the couch to get you to come out and see the new place. 
  • You hated any type of mat under your water and food dish. If we put one under it, you would pull it out and spill water all over the floor. The mat would often be found in another room!
  • As much as we love you, your biggest flaw/annoyance was knocking cups over for the hell of it.  You never drank the liquid but just pulled it over.  More often than not, the cups were full.  No you did not scoot them across the table or ledge but would take your paw and just pull it towards you.

Miles, thank you for all the wonderful memories you left us with in the few short years we called you ours.  Everyone misses you dearly, especially your BFF Pixie!  She has been a bit lonely without her brother and playmate.  We’re sorry we could help you more than we did.  You will always be our Chunky baby boy.  Even if you are no longer with us physically, you will always be in our hearts and memories. We love you and miss you almost daily!

Just in case you’re not tired of seeing cute photos of miles… we have a bunch more! We couldn’t narrow this down at all and honestly, why should we. These are the memories we want to have of him!

Teenage Miles vs Adult Miles…. boy oh boy he grew

Just a few fun size comparisons!

Miles did not have loyalty for one camera brand.

Till the day we meet again,

Mom & Dad

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