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Occasionally, an amazing opportunity comes our way and we get to volunteer our services to amazing couples.  Military month hosted by WoodBottom Quail Farms is one of those opportunities.  This is how we were able to connect with Julie and Bret as Julie is a former Navy woman.

After swapping several emails to set up (and of course reschedule) their session, discuss location ideas, and confirming the details, we finally met these two down at Smale Park on the Ohio River to capture their engagement sessions before walking to Yateman’s Cove and finishing up at MadTree Brewery Taproom.  Being able to meet a couple in person is always a treat but when you connect with them…. Even better!

Meeting someone worth while to date looks very different these days than it did during our parents’ generation.  More and more couples we talk with tell us they met their signification other online, either through a dating services or an app.  Julie and Bret are not different.  They met through Match.com and according to Julie, they were an 85% match.  She felt very connected to Bret, she wanted to meet him right away… which was out of the norm for her.

“Who said I love you first?”…. and they each point to themselves.

When a groom to be asks for a photo in a specific location…. you stop and capture their photo at that location!

They had their first date at MadTree Brewery Taproom over in Oakely.  Obviously, their date went well… because they’re planning to get married.  Which wasn’t always on the table for this couple.  Julie had told Bret early in their relationship that marriage was off the table.  However, after getting to know him better and realizing she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, marriage was back on the table

How awesome was it that MadTree let these two pour their own beer…

Sadly, Julie’s had a little too much head and Bret was able to save her drink!

Every proposal story is unique and honestly, we believe is perfect for the couple.  Bret had decided he was ready to take the next step.  He asked her father for permission and bought a ring.   However, he may not have chosen the best hiding spot (it was on the table under with a few things).  Julie was searching the table and Bret became nervous she would find the ring.

To avoid her inadvertently finding the ring, Bret decided this was the perfect time to ask her.  In their home and with their 4 doggies in the house.  He asked her to become her wife and, this once anti-marriage woman, said yes!  Julie confessed to us during their session, she wouldn’t have even given the box a second glance as she would have assumed it was her earrings she just bought.

Just as they were about to head out to meet us for their engagement session, Julie decided to create fun t-shirts to commemorate the crazy times! This is definitely a one in a lifetime wedding planning season!

Maintaining 6 feet for social distancing….

Yeah… that didn’t last too long!

Julie and Bret, we are very honored to capture your engagement photos as part of the Military month with WoodBottom Quail Farms.  We enjoyed getting to know you and your story.  Not to mention, your quirky but adorable personalities kept us entertained for the session!   Our wish is your wedding planning goes smoothly with all the craziness in the world and you have your dream wedding.

Have a great day,

Nicole & Ryan

  1. Kay Bohannon says:

    Beautiful photos! Looks like Bret and Julie had a great time working with the photographer! All the pictures are well done, but my favorite has to be the one where they are standing in front of all those barrels!

  2. Cindy Alexander says:

    Love the photos of Julie & Bret. You did a great job catching the fun they have together!!

  3. Connie Henkenberns says:

    I can’t remember the last time Julie looked this happy. So glad she and Bret found each other! Glad you captured all of that happiness in these photos

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