Ryan’s Switch


Alright folks, over a week ago we made a HUGE changed to our business.  Anyone who has chatted with us know that we did not share a love of camera gear.  Ryan was Team Nikon while Nicole was Team Canon.  As of Sunday afternoon, this has changed.  Ryan came to the dark side and is officially a CANON wedding photographer here in Cincinnati, OH!

Wait what?!  You heard us correct, Ryan no longer owns and/or will be shooting with Nikon.   Switching from Nikon to Canon has been a long time discussion but not for the reasons you may think.  To be honest, he had no intentions of leaving his Nikon family until the past few months when he realized Nikon was not stepping up their game in the new world of mirrorless digital cameras. 

The future of digital photography equipment is mirrorless cameras and we had talk about making the switch in the next few years.  Our initial game plan was for Nicole to switch sooner as we believe she has the beginning stages of carpal tunnel and after a long day of wedding photography her hands hurt like something else due to the weight of the camera.

However, the a few weeks ago, we decided to go bowling with a friend and the kids.  Ryan decided that he was tired of having a working finger and the second to last ball he threw, he tweaked his ring finger.  Well after a couple of weeks of hurting, he went to urgent care who sent him to the orthopedic urgent care who in return sent him directly to a hand specialist (yep… he screwed his finger up good). The hand specialist didn’t have any appointments right away but due to the severity of his injury, the MADE room for an appointment for his within the same week.

Honestly, at this point, we are fearful the future will be surgery and him holding his heavy camera was just not happening anytime soon. So, to help prepare for our upcoming wedding season and to be sure we’re thinking of his health first, Ryan went to ProCam Cincinnati with his Nikon camera and left with a new Canon R5 Mirrorless camera.

Now, he just needs to get use to his new camera and start rebuilding his lens arsenal (until then he is stuck sharing lens with Nicole). Oh and you already know, Nicole will be playing with the new camera as well! But… we are now both officially Canon photographers!

Have a wonderful day!

Nicole & Ryan

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