Devon: 16 Years Old


There are certain photo sessions that we get way too excited about and Devon’s 16th Birthday session was one of them! As many may (or may not) know that Devon is Nicole’s younger brother. So, tell us, how you cannot be excited when it’s a member of your staff and a sibling celebrating such a big milestone. Not to mention, the fact that he is our assistant we didn’t have to be on our most professional behavior! Sometimes it’s great to have those days of just pure sarcasm and inappropriate jokes! Hey we’re human!

Devon started working with us at the beginning of the start of Off the Film Photography. Along with working with us part time, he is a full-time student in the last part of his sophomore year.

How can we stay serious when this is what happens!

During his session at Sawyer Point in downtown Cincinnati, we had to be careful with him on his skateboard, because he was “banned” from riding due to injuring his wrist while riding his skateboard. We may not ALWAYS listen to mom! (We are proud to report the only injury was a scrapped-up hand).

and who can pass up a photo up with a couple of strangers and their dog!

Starting his life out in the “big” city of Cincinnati, Devon requested to go downtown for part of his session. Our parents relocated to a smaller city and Devon hasn’t adjusted to the small city life.

Nicole’s older brother has been an inspiration to her little brother. Devon has taken after Nick with playing his music taste and abilities. Devon has been playing guitar for a few years. (We will even say, he’s not half bad!) We couldn’t say no to the sunset portraits with Cincinnati in the background. Hello Devou Park (yes, we went to Kentucky to get photos of Ohio…)

We are excited to see Devon grow up into a great person. Good luck this next year with getting your first part time job (besides us), your drives license, and starting your junior year of high school (official upper classman).

Have a fantastic Tuesday!
Ryan and Nicole

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