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This past weekend, we participated in our first ever bridal expo. The time we spent talking to brides and meeting vendors in the business was amazing… but also it made us think… the information we are giving out to this small number of brides would be super useful for ALL brides!

Choosing your wedding photographer can be a daunting task. You want to make sure that when it’s all done that you made the perfect choice on choosing your photographer. Today, we put together our top 4 factors to consider when choosing your photographer.

COST: Just like everything else wedding related, you want to consider options that 􀁿t your budget. The market is currently filled with TONS of photographers and many different price points. We do however want to caution you, with wedding photography, you will get what you pay for.

PORTFOLIO: Yes, this seems like a “DUH” statement, but make sure your photographer has a great portfolio. Not only should they have a portfolio, but it should showcase what you find important to have captured on your wedding day. For example, if you LOVE Family Photos then your photographer’s portfolio should showcase Family Photos. If their portfolio mainly showcases detail shots, then it may not be a great 􀁿t. Photographers will showcase the part of the wedding day in their portfolio that they love to photograph because they want to find a bride that loves that part of the day.

STYLE: No, the portfolio and a photographer’s style are not the same! Some photographers will showcase a more Photojournalistic/Documentary Style while others shoot a Classic or Artistic Style. There is nothing wrong with any photography style if it matches your vision. Think about how you want your photographs to look? That will help determine the style of photography you want for your day. This will only ensure that your imagery matches your vision. Remember, you’re trusting this person to capture that vision for you!

BFFS: This last point is what we stress more than anything to our couples when choosing their photographer. You will need to pick a photographer that you get along with! As Nicole was saying to potential brides Sunday, “I will be spending more time with you on your wedding day than your groom… so if you want to stab me after 30 minutes you will not want to be with me for the entire day… and I personally do not want to get stabbed!” That is right… your photographer will be there ALL DAY LONG! Genuine moments are captures and created on the wedding day when you’re working with someone you get along with and actually like! So, remember, if their personality or behaviors annoy you at a meeting it will be intensified on the wedding day when your emotions are running all over the place.

We really hope this helps you pick your photographer… yes, we would love it to be us but more than that we want you to get EXACTLY what is in your wonderful mind!

Have an Amazing Day!

Nicole and Ryan

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