The 3rd Month in Our Home


Another one bites the dust…. Yep, we’ve been living in our home in Erlanger for 3 months now!  For the most part, we have a solid routine going on around here and things seem to be going well.  Even the kitties have found their favorite spots around the house.

The only major change in our lives at this time is the fact Cincinnati and Florence have started to open up from being in shutdown due to COVID 19, so we’ve been able to get out of the house a bit here and there!  Which has been great for our mental health (especially for Nicole).   Majority of the month has been very uneventful this time around, which compared to the past few months, was a nice break. Even in an uneventful month, there have bee a few things that happen:

  • Our bathroom in the basement flooded!  EWWWWWW…. So gross!  Once again, we called out a plumber for services.  Thankfully, it was nothing major!  The torrential down pour of rain just caused it to get backed up.  Bathroom problems are the worst!
  • The second service call for the month was due to our new door lock for the back door not working!  It’s a key-less entry and it no longer would accept ANY of the codes.  Not to mention, if you switched it to unlock, without a key, the door still wouldn’t open.  The locksmith said he has never seen this happen with the brand we bought, so he ordered a replacement.  Just our luck right?!
  • One of the bad things about moving is remembering to update your address.  Nicole forgot to update our address and had multiple packages shipped to our old town house.  Thankfully the new tenets were nice and turned them into the office for us to pick up.
  • We bought a new couch (or two)!!!!  After months of no living room furniture for our upstairs, we had an opportunity to go couch shopping.  Everyone asked why we just didn’t order one online… mainly because you have to get a comfy one and you’re not able to sit on couches online.  Since the couch Nicole picked out was not as expensive as we had originally budgeted for, Ryan bought a new couch for his nerd cave.  Now…. We just have to wait till the mid to end of July for delivery.  Someday we’ll get a couch in our living room.
  • Another major purchase of the month, Jacob got a new bed!  He said his futon was uncomfortable (and in teenage fashion, this was AFTER we bought him a new mattress).  Now, he has a normal, everyday kind of bed.  According to Jacob, it’s even comfortable!  (Which is a good thing because we did buy it online and we didn’t test it out).
  • Nicole received a wonderful gift from her dad, a squirrel bar feeder!  He handmade it just for her after she sent him a photo.  It was the perfect housewarming gift!  Now, we just need to get a spot to hang it up since our fence isn’t strong enough to support it.
  • Each month, Nicole and one of our assistants Morgan, have a business meeting.  We hosted this past month’s meeting at our house.  It was nice to have someone over! 
  • Archer, aka Archie, is our wild pet raccoon we feed!  He knows how to get our attention and food from us. He’ll simply trip the backdoor camera and flood light to get our attention and then patiently waits for us to feed him. So far he has had Larosa’s, Arbys, chicken and a hamburger. Smart little guy!
  • The first part of the house has been decorated!  At the end of the hallway upstairs by the bedrooms, we bought a shelf and hung up our painting we bought from a street painter when were were in Rome. It’s a great feeling to see some of our favorite things out to enjoy and we love seeing Sophia (the painting) in her new home every night!

This past month has been wonderful (for the most part… the bathroom incident was not so wonderful).  Our house is slowing becoming a home.  It’s weird to think this is the longest we’ve lived together in an undecorated place but when it’s your long-term resident, you are a little more particular on how you want to make the place your own.

Oh… and just a random photo of both girls in the same spot at the same time! This is a rarity since Pecko usually runs away from Pixie Girl! Honestly, she probably ran 2 seconds after this photo was taken.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our monthly home updated!

Nicole & Ryan

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