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Momma knows best… or so the saying goes.  With a little encouragement from her mom, Becca decided to try online dating.  Just so happens, she met Daniel online, then in person, and eventually fell in love with him.  Now, our adorable Dayton Ohio couple is set to get married this fall at a destination wedding in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Initially we met Daniel at the fall The Event Connections Bridal Show in Dayton Ohio.  Becca had to work, so she sent her willing fiancé onto the show to collect information to look over later.  As part of the show, we had donated an engagement session to the raffle, and they won!  Nicole had snuck away from the booth during the giveaways to check out who won, and Daniel was beyond thrilled.  She watched him check out all the little goodies in the giveaway bag and then call Becca to let her know!

As many other couples getting married this year, Becca and Daniel were not able to get their engagement photos done right away.  However, with the restrictions placed on the cities due to corona virus being lifted, we met up with the couple at the  Englewood MetroPark in Dayton on a beautiful Saturday evening here in early June.  Those from the area are all to familiar with how hot and muggy summertime can be here in Southwest Ohio. So, when you have a cooler evening, you’re beyond thankful.  We’re pretty sure Becca and Daniel were just as thankful for the weather…. Honestly, who wants to cuddle up with another person when it’s sticky out.

Meet Kira, their adorable dog! The couple wanted to include Kira in a few photos! Funny thing… she was more interested in eating WHATEVER she could find on the ground, such as sticks and leaves, then getting her photo taken.

With a world full of photos and stories of elaborately planned proposals, it is a breath of fresh air when you hear a perfectly spontaneous proposal story.  Disclaimer… we’re totally not knocking planned proposals because 1. We love capturing planned proposals and 2. Ryan had spent plenty of time planning our perfect (for us) proposal!

One fall evening, Becca and Daniel were spending an evening together at Daniel’s farm.  The stars filled the sky, as they snuggled on a blanket with candles surround them.  Thinking what an absolutely perfect evening this was, Daniel decided this was the night.  He asked his mother for the heirloom ring, since he was still waiting for the engagement ring, he had picked out for Becca to come in.  With the starts above them and candles providing the perfect romantic lighting, he asked Becca to marry him.  Becca of course said yes!  Not too long after this beautiful night, Becca was able to wear the ring Daniel had purchased just for her. 

Not only was this a perfectly unplanned proposal, but it reminds us, while a beautiful engagement ring is great… it’s not the most important part of a proposal.  The idea you love this person in a way you are willing to make them a lifelong partner.  To us, this love and admiration are some of the most important building blogs to a solid and happy marriage!

We had a special friend join us during the session. Archie, the raccoon, kept popping up randomly and would bebop around the parking lot looking for for food!

Becca and Daniel, we had an amazing time hanging out with you two and learning about your love story during your engagement photos!  We cannot wait to see your beautiful wedding photos this fall.  With the world going crazy and something new every month, our hope is your wedding planning goes smoothly and you’re able to get the perfect day for your love story!

Have a wonderful day,

Nicole & Ryan

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