Lindsay + Brandon


Early Saturday morning when I should have been asleep, I was scrolling through good ole’ Facebook when I saw an interesting post. The post was very simple but caught my attention. It simply stated “need a last minute photographer now” Well, I’m a photographer… so I sent Lindsay a reply. She shared her frustration about her engagement session. It was cancelled at the last minute via email and she needed to get the save the dates done ASAP. After a LONG stream of messages, we decided to do the photos on Sunday at her mother’s house.

The couple has been together for almost 5 years. Wedding bells have been in the air for a while, but Lindsay had to patiently wait for the big question. Christmas was right around the corner and she just had a good feeling he was going to ask. One evening in December (not on Christmas), after having some friends over, Brandon decided this was the right time. He retreated to the bedroom and came back. Down on one knee, he asked his love for her hand in marriage. She of course said yes and began to cry! Lindsay said she was shocked and surprised because it was out of the blue, which made it perfect.

Lindsay and Brandon are no stranger to the front of our cameras. This summer Ryan and I met up with the couple to do some photos in the park for our portfolio. Lindsay wanted something different this time… she wanted a more lifestyle photo shoot. And like any great fiancé, Brandon was OK with whatever she wanted.

Mrs. Foster’s house was wonderfully laid out and we had a great time being able to utilize the various spaces.

What?! I’m just enjoying my wine….

The above photo is one of my faves… Brandon finally gave some attitude!

Dancing in the kitchen…why not.

The ship was brought into our session to help symbolize the couple’s destination wedding. They will be getting married in Mexico! We may have hinted at the idea that we have passports and love to travel!

Brandon is trying to convince Lindsay that they need a boat

Lindsay and Brandon did an amazing job and we are so excited for you two! We hope you have a fun wedding planning time and looking forward to your wedding.

Please let us know what is your favorite and check back in soon!


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