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With billions of people in world, it is a crazy to think we can find the perfect match.  The one who compliments your quirks, shares your passions in life, and thinks you’re the most wonderful person in life.  Watching Ashley and David around each other on their wedding day, showed us how perfectly matched they for each other.

Ashley and David choose to have a summer wedding on the outskirts of Cincinnati at the Norlyn Manor.   The esthetics of their wedding coordinated perfectly with the design of the venue.  The couple, or at least the bride, created many elements of their décor, from handmade hair piece for her maid of honor to custom table numbers. 

Not only did Ashley and David bring their style and uniqueness to their daytime wedding through their DIY décor, they also used show cased it in their choice of wedding day accessories.  The couple bought coordinating boots at the Ohio Renaissance Fair and chose them as their wedding day shoes!

This may come as no surprise, but First Looks are always one of our favorite parts of a wedding day.  Ashley and David’s did not disappoint.  The couple shared a few short moments together, just minutes before they were to walk down the aisle.   Ashley walked up behind her the man of her life, who for one last time she would call him her fiancé.  Tapping his shoulder, he turned around and for the first few breaths, Ashley waiting for confirmation from her groom. 

David did not disappoint.  Slowly a smile crept across his face and he stood just staring at his bride.  He was truly speechless.  Overtaken by the beautiful woman standing in front of him and knowing they were about to marry her. 

 This wedding season, or just this year, in Cincinnati has been a very wet one.  Ashley and David wanted to host their wedding outside, surrounded by a long line of trees.  However, the threat of rain loomed on the forecast.  BUT… mother nature was on the couples side and held off until after the reception! 

Nothing like the bride picking up her BFF on her wedding day!

Boys will be boys… especially with swords!

Now some B&G time!

The day was finished off by enjoying an afternoon of celebrating with their closest family and friends.  There was dancing, bubbles, drinks, and of course, tons of laughter.  There was not a better way to end your wedding day!!

How cool is this signature board… once again, handmade!

Donuts and Dragons… talk about a great combo!

The moment the mother/son dance picked up speed and movement!

Who doesn’t need an afternoon nap during a busy day?

Ashley and David, thank you so much for letting us hang out with you on the first day of the rest of your lives!  We hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon on the beach and not getting a too sunburnt.    We your marriage is starting out right, as you’re spending quality time with each other and petting doggies!  This is the start of your marriage and we wish you a life filled with happiness!

Welcome to the married kids club,

Nicole & Ryan


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