Skyline Chili Smash Session for Scarlett


Last week, this sweet baby girl celebrated her first year of life!  Scarlett is no stranger to being in front of our camera… close to a year ago.  We had photographed her newborn photos and now, we got to hang out again.  This time, Scarlett was full of personality and had the men in her life wrapped around her baby finger!

We started off the late Spring afternoon to get a few family photos on the Suspension Bridge.  The local Cincinnati bridge connecting Ohio and Kentucky has been closed for a few weeks with no set reopen date.  As photographers, we couldn’t resist using the bridge without the risk of being hit by a car.  Scarlett was not a huge fan of the grated “floor”, but she was definitely a fan of throwing her snacks down into the river below.   The only casualty on the bridge was a few puffs… thankfully the shoe and bow were a little too big to just slide on through the holes. 

Since Scarlett was not being a huge fan of the grated floor of the Suspension Bridge, we decided to head to an alternative location.  Wanting a beautiful Cincinnati skyline, we landed at the George Rogers Clark Park.  She became a little bit more content being on familiar ground.  At least until the she was sat in the grass, which she was unsure of it.  Bottom of Form

Now… we love a great smash session, but to be honest, this is one tops the “cake.”  Even if it didn’t include any cake.  That’s right… Scarlett’s smash session was a little unorthodox but totally Cincinnati.  Instead of the traditional birthday cake, Scarlett indulged in a Skyline Chili 3-Way.

At first, she was only obsessed with the oyster crackers laying all around the blanket and wanted nothing to do with the actual 3-Way.  It got to the point where dad and grandpa had to remove them and feed the geese and ducks waddling around behind her.  (They did not seem to mind).

Once the crackers were out of picture (and a slight bit of help from Mom & Dad), Scarlett refocused her energy back to the plate of noodles, chili, and cheese in front of her face.  She may not have eaten much, but the she enjoyed the noodles flying about off of her fork! 

Ashley and David, thanks so much for allowing us to capture Scarlett’s 1 Year session!  The Skyline Chili Smash Session was perfect for her little personality and we loved how fun she was during this time, even if the she was a little stingy with smiles.  We enjoy watching her grow in to a spunky lil’ girl and can’t wait to see what the next year of life holds for her!  

Have a Fantastic Day,

Nicole & Ryan

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