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Hello and welcome back! Sorry we missed everyone last week but we were working on some of our own wedding planning! We have some many DIY projects going on right now that there are not enough hours in our day. As we are working on our DIY projects, we’re also putting together what our wedding day is going to look like. As photographers we have a MAJOR advantage over the average Bride and Groom on how to plan the wedding day. This made us start thinking, what are some ideas we love (as a Bride and Broom but also as Photographers) that the average Bride and Groom may not know about. We decided to share some of our planning ideas to help your wedding day be as amazing as it should be.

We wanted to start out with introducing the concept of a First Look. During our consultations with our new couples we simple ask “Will you be doing a first look?” Majority of our couples have no idea what a First Look is or how it will even benefit them. So here is our SIMPLIFIED explanation of a First Look:

  • Bride gets completely ready for ceremony.
  • Groom gets completely ready for ceremony.
  • Photographer finds AMAZING & PRIVATE spot.
  • Groom arrives at spot and is placed into position.
  • Bride arrives to the spot and walks up to Groom’s back.
  • Groom turns around and lays his eyes on his beautiful Bride!
  • This all happens BEFORE the ceremony.

That is the most basic, simplified explanation of a First Look. We would not be very helpful if we left it at that… so now we want to give the benefits of a First Look for your wedding day! This will not be as simple as above, but this information is so important to understanding why a First Look is a great addition to your wedding day. So here is our Top 5 Reason Why a First Look should be a Must on Your Wedding Day:

You get to start celebrating at your reception sooner! Typically, we as photographers like a minimum of an hour after the wedding to do Family Formals if the couple does not choose to do a First Look… which means you have to find something to occupy your guest during this time and depending on how BIG the family is, this could limit the number of photos of the just the Bride and Groom (and to be honest, you both will look AMAZING and will want TONS of photos of the two of you together this day). We tell our clients to allow 3 minutes for each Family Formal pose. When you do a First Look, the majority (if not all) of your Family Formals are taken prior to the wedding and that means… you get to join your guest sooner and start your party! The average couple adds 2-3 more hours to their wedding day! We then get to steal our couple for about 15 minutes after the ceremony for some photos of just them… as a new Husband and Wife!!

Speaking of photos… with a First Look we provide our clients with a TON more photos of just the couple. This is because we build in time to do photos of the Bride and Groom into their First Look time. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this time after a First Look because the emotions are so high! Talk about being able to capture all that emotion and creating amazing images of the Bride and Groom.

Nerves are put at ease with a First Look. Take a moment and remember being a kid on Christmas Eve anticipating what is under the tree… Now multiply that by 100. That is how a typical Groom feels during his wedding day. We both have be around the Groom during the day and it’s amazing how much more anxious and nervous the Groom will get anticipating what his Bride looks like as the day goes on! Our Grooms who have a First Look admit this was the best decision because come time of the ceremony they were not as nervous or anxious but able to enjoy the ceremony.

You BOTH get to experience each other’s reactions! During the First Look, we move back and give our couple their space! They get to SEE each other’s initial reaction. Walking down the aisle it can be difficult for the Bride to actually see her Groom’s initial reaction. She may have guest in front of her and not to mention the veil. During a First Look she is face to face with her soon to be husband and they both will enjoy each other’s reaction. Plus, the Bride can show him her owners, dress, shoes, and actually talk or kiss him! (Ministers tend to frown upon chatter during the ceremony and kissing ahead of time is a MAJORY NO NO!)

ALONE TIME!!! This is the biggest benefit of a First Look… some Alone Time with each other. The entire day, the couple will be surrounded by their loving friends and family, but rarely will get an opportunity of just spending a few minutes with each other. We stay back for about the first 10-15 minutes and are as unobtrusive as possible. We love giving our couples their space to truly have a minute with each other. Plus, we capture some amazing shots of all their sweet interactions!

So now hopefully you completely understand why a first look is an important addition to your wedding day but we know every Bride still have that one little nagging thought, “Will he still have a reaction to me walking down the aisle?” and the answer is a simple YES! Instead of being nervous and anxious (because he has always seen, talked to, and kissed his bride), he is now able to just enjoy and focus on the fact that in a few short moments she will be his WIFE.

We really hope this information helped clear up what a First Look is and why is beneficial during your wedding day. We know that a First Look is not everyone’s choice but it’s definitely worth a discussion!

We hope you have an AMAZING day!

Ryan and Nicole

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