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Hello and welcome to a new section on our blog…. Tuesday Tips. Before I was ever a bride, I was in the wedding business as a vendor where I learned about how weddings run… on the day of. Planning my own wedding has really opened my eyes to the complexity of planning a wedding and the abundant amount of stress and frustrations that as a vendor I never truly understood. My goal is to share some advice that will help keep you from getting burned out with wedding planning. The ideas I am sharing have truly helped me along the way and have allowed me to stay focused, organized, and keep my sanity (for the most part) throughout the wedding planning process!

Being organized is a vital part of planning any event, especially one as special and elaborate as a wedding. Last year, I sat across the table at Starbucks with a potential bride and as we discussed her wedding, she shared with me a key piece of advice. She set up a wedding related email account.

This concept is so simple and quick to do, but I honestly would have never thought about it! (Thanks, so much Jessica!) When Ryan and I got engaged and started the actual planning part, this was one of the very first things I did… I set up a wedding only email account.

Everything wedding related is sent to that email account including vendor correspondence, contracts and even all the wedding sites I have signed up for. When looking for information, I do not have to dig through thousands of emails in my personal account (I get so many emails on a daily basis and who has time to read them all!)

One of the best parts… once the wedding is over, I can delete the account. No more emails from the wedding websites I signed up for, or vendors trying to get me to book with them after a bridal show. I can simple forward all vital information to another account for long term storage and save myself from received a few hundred emails a week!

If you would like to ask me how I handled a wedding planning situation as either a bride or a wedding vendor, please don’t hesitate to ask! Have a beautiful day and happy planning!

Happy Planning,


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