Skylar: 9 Months Old


We have had a mini break recently with sessions/weddings and we are OK with that! This year has been crazy and hectic with planning our own wedding, running a business, and trying to maintain good relationships with each other, family and friends. But we squeezed in time for this adorable little girl’s session!

We have had the pleasure throughout the last year to watch a sweet baby grow, Miss Skylar. This week we worked out magic and got her 9-month photos photographed!! If you have not an opportunity to check out her previous 3-month and 6-month photos! (We missed out on her newborn photos since we were traveling around Europe).

This session had been rescheduled several times due to conflicts and finally her Aunt said she would just skip the photos and wait till her one year… Um…. No…. We decided to change our plans to do an outdoor session with trees and grass at golden hour to an indoor, lifestyle session at her home at 10 o’clock at night… Yikes! (We are not night owls, but this sweet girl deserved to have her photos done).

Skylar is starting to walk; she is pulling herself up and cruising along furniture. Occasionally, she will take a few steps on her own.

One of the unique and absolutely adorable things about Miss Sky… is her HAIR. The crazy and wild hair! How can you not love this girl’s wild child look… just hope it’s a look and not an omen for her momma and Aunt’s sake.

Skylar once again is too cute for words and we had a wonderful time working with her again…

Now onto planning her 1 year session! We can’t wait to see what is in store for us!

Have an amazing day!

Nicole and Ryan

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