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Hello to engagement season!   Majority of proposals happen between Christmas through Valentine’s Day.  If you’re one of the lucky Cincinnati gals or guy who got engaged recently, we’re sure you’re like Nicole after she got engaged and ready to start the planning process! 

One of the most popular spots for wedding planning in the Cincinnati area are bridal shows.   So you may be wondering, are bridal shows worth it?  Honestly, that’s a totally personal question. But to help you out, we wanted to share our top 3 pro and cons of attending bridal shows:

So, you’ve decided a bridal show may just be what you need and you’re not scared off by the cons. Before you head off, we put together some tips to prepare and rock the bridal show.  Here are what we think will help make the most of your experience and help keep you sane!

  1.  Email:  This is not only vital for bridal shows but wedding planning all together, we suggest setting up a wedding email.  Have a wedding only email will allow you to have all your correspondence in one place.  Plus… once the wedding is over, all the wedding emails will not cluttering up your main in-box. 
  2. Labels:  Before you head out, save your hands from tons of work and print labels. These labels can be used instead of having to manually fill out all the forms.  Here are what we think are the vital pieces of information you should include:  Both Names, Wedding Date, Email, Phone Number… Additional but good things to include: Venue and Address
  3. Shoes:  There is a lot of walking, standing, and very little opportunities to sit down, so we recommend wearing a very comfortable pair of shoes.  Once the feet start hurting, then you’ll just be miserable and unable to enjoy yourself.
  4. Make it a Date: Gather your special someone or your tribe and make it day out of it.  Having the right people around you will make a difference.  Set it up as time to connect and hang out… we even recommend making plans for lunch or dinner to discuss the vendors you meet and some fun wedding details!
  5. Organization: You will get SO MUCH INFORMATION handed to you as you visit each vendor.  Some vendors you will connect with and some are just not your cup of tea.  Setting up a system for marking those you really really want to reconnect with is going to be vital.  You may think you’ll remember them, but after visiting a 100 different booths, you’ll forget.  Your system does not have to be complex, something as simple has small stickers to mark those vendors you want to follow up with after the show. Anything will work, just as long as you having a way to keep it all straight.

Bridal shows can be a great time as these shows can really allow you to connect with vendors you may have never been able to find otherwise.  By following these tips you will enjoy the experience so much more. 

Enjoy the planning processing!

Nicole & Ryan

  1. Jen says:

    Excellent tips! Bridal Shows can DEFINITELY be overwhelming! Love how you approach it though. 🙂

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