Cincinnati Skywheel Portraits of Hannah & Kyle


Over the summer Cincinnati gained a new but temporary part of it’s skyline, the Skystar Ferris Wheel.  The Skystar is making its way from city to city across America.  As most photographers in the area, we were excited about capturing some images of this limited time skyline accessory. 

Initially, the ferris wheel was set to leave Cincinnati and shut down permanently on December 2, 2018 (that was before the city extended it’s stay till June 2019).  After seeing great photos of the skyline with the Skystar included from the Kentucky side, we knew we needed to get some shooting time in. 

However, we love the skyline but to make things a little bit more “business” relevant, we decided an adorable couple needed to be in a few images.  So, while eating dinner one evening and discussing Nicole’s vision, Ryan volunteered his co-work Kyle with a description of “he’s an attractive guy.”

After a “long” chat with Kyle, yes, the long part was said sarcastically, he and his sweet girlfriend Hannah agreed to model for us!  The only day all of our schedules aligned was, you guessed it, December 2nd.  THE LAST DAY (or so we thought) the Skywheel would be operational in Cincinnati.  So, with positive weather vibes, we scheduled the date.

Hannah and Kyle were naturals in front of the camera.  Honestly, we didn’t feel like there was any “awkward” time with these two!  But… we’re sure hanging out at Ryan and Kyle’s work party just a couple days before, drinking, and talking cats didn’t hurt the vibe at all!

Hannah and Kyle, thanks so much for volunteering to model for us and braving the cold weather!  You two are just a super adorable couple and perfectly matched.  Watching how you two interacted with each other, just showed a beautiful connected.  Plus, anyone who buys our fur kids a Christmas present is AMAZING in our books!

Have a Great Day,

Nicole & Ryan

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