Jacob Turns 15!


Have you ever felt like time just fast forwarded right before your eyes???  That is exactly how I feel today.  My nephew, Jacob, turned 15 yesterday!  It seems like he should still be the cute little kiddo who enjoyed hanging out with his aunt and make crafts out of toilet paper rolls.    

Personally, I’m just not sure why the fact he’s 15 is hitting me so hard today but it is.  It all stared the other day when I received the invite to his birthday party, and I read 15.  I know he’s growing up but when did this happen!

Soon, he’ll be all grown up and experiencing amazing things in life.  All I ever wish for him is to be happy in life and do things that bring joy to him.  I understand life will go on and he’ll continue grow… but doesn’t mean I can’t take some time to reminisce on some of my favorite images of my nephew. 

Awww… when Jacob and Pecko played together on the play ground!

Back from when we use to get dinner together on your birthday… you enjoyed sushi while I ate chicken nuggets!

Happy Birthday Jacob!  I hope you enjoyed lots of sushi, video games and got to to play hooky from school. Can’t wait to see you in a couple days to celebrate.

Love Aunt Colie

  1. Mandy says:

    Happy birthday to your sweet nephew Jacob!!! What a fabulous relationship you both have. Great memories!!!

  2. Courtney Carney says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet nephew!!

  3. Kelly says:

    My daughter just turned 15! I think the hard part was realizing she’s going to be driving! We just went to DPS for her permit today!

    • Nicole says:

      It’s so crazy how quickly they grow up and how they’re doing things you only thought they would do 🙂 It’s the true meaning of bitter sweet

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