Jillian + Eric


I fell in love on our first date.  That is exactly what Eric told us as we talked over email about his girlfriend, Jillian.  After spending 8 wonderful months together, he decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level.  Hello spring time proposal in Downtown Cincinnati!

Last summer, Eric and Jillian both decided to give online dating a try.  Eric was really looking for someone to chat with, while Jillian was encouraged by her friends to give the world of online dating world a try.  They began chatting and the next thing they knew they were having non-stop fun together all summer and fall!

Their whirlwind of a relationship couldn’t be perfect forever.  Eric fell sick in December and was hospitalized.  He may have fell in love on their first date, but she proved her love being by his side while he was sick.  As Eric put it to us, she’s already been with me in both sickness and health. 

Knowing her love was as strong as his, Eric began to plan the way he would ask her to become his wife.  Wanting to make sure everything was perfect, he asked her mother for permission and worked it out so she could keep the kiddos while they had a romantic date together. 

Their evening started out by having a kid free dinner at the on The Banks of Cincinnati at Jefferson Social.   Subtly encouraging her that they didn’t need the leftovers, Eric and Jillian decided to enjoy the first signs of spring by taking a nice walk along the Ohio River in Smale Park.

As we arrived, they were walking hand in hand, chatting and enjoying one another’s company. When Eric noticed us hanging out, he turned toward Jillian, grabbing both of her hands.  Unsure of what was happening at this time, she was looking around but when she looked back at him, Jillian noticed the black ring box in his hand.

Getting down on one knee, Eric asked her to marry him.  By this time, they had a small crowd of on lookers from the park, waiting to cheer them on.  Overwhelmed with joy, Jillian leaned over hugging her love.  She showcased the respect and love they have for one another by kneeling down to his level, as his equal, where they continued to share hugs, kisses, and ear to ear smiles. 

When talking with Eric, he told us he loved her eyes and the way Jillian looked at him.  Needless to say, while working with the two of them, we saw the look he was talking about.  These two were just so in love and over the moon, they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other.  Being photographers, we took an opportunity to take a few “just engaged” photos. During this time, the two of them showcased their silly side, their super adorable side, their cuddly side, and their true happiness side! 

Jillian and Eric, congratulations on your engagement!!!  We are so thankful, you allowed us to witness your and capture these beautiful moments together.  The love you have for one another was overflowing.  You two will be a handsome couple on your wedding day!

Have a great day,

Nicole & Ryan

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