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Hello Everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read our first blog, first of many. As you can tell we are just getting our company established but doesn’t mean we are new to the game. Ryan and I have been doing photography for many years individually, but decided if we are going to combine our lives we should combine our business.

This first blog is mainly just going to be an introduction to us and anything randomly we would like to include! Enjoy the read and remember to leave some comment love (even if it is just to say hello!)

I’ll start with myself… my name is Nicole. I ran N. Jones Photography since my sophomore year of college. Personally, it was a HUGE decision to give up my company and join forces with Ryan. In the end, I’m taking his last name, so it makes logical sense to work as business partners. I would say I am the OCD one in this relationship… and business. 99.9% of the time I’ll be the first contact you have with our business but no worries I’m nice.

At this point in my life I have 3 crazy fur kids, Pecko, Pixie, and our newest member Miles. If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram you will see more photos of them than anyone naturally should. But they’re just so darn cute, I can’t resist. Please note… you will not see too many of them near each other, Pecko is not a fan of Pixie and chooses to avoid her at all cost.  So, if they are together I may be bribing them with items such as Turkey and Treats.

Miss Pecko Vicious McFuzzy

Pixie Girl


Ryan is my counterpart both professionally and personally. He started in photography as an apprentice to his father doing wedding photography. He is typically the second shooter when we work together, so he gets the easy job. (Just kidding, he must deal with me so that’s definitely no small or easy task). Ryan will bring the humor to the court. He will say random things that make you just shake your head. For example, I asked what he would like me to write and about him. His response “Maybe something with God like and chiseled abs… lol”

One advantage I have with marrying Ryan are his adorable boys. (I guess they take after their father.) Jacob, the oldest, is an extremely intelligent child and has great goals! His sense of humor is definitely taken after his dads, as well as his obsession with Star Wars and Zelda!

(Bonus points for clients who love either in Ryan’s book.) His lil red head, Caleb, is the suborned free willed child. I’m not one that gives into stereotypes, but Caleb has a true red head personality. He loves his Octonauts and giant stuffed animals.


Have a Fantastic Day!


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