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This post is WAY WAY WAY overdue… and our apologies to Jessica and John! Halloween was very exciting for us this year… We got to photograph Jessica and John’s Masquerade Wedding at the Newport Syndicate. Plus it was our FIRST wedding together as a photography team (plus we’re training a new assistant/shooter). We had an amazing time with the awesome couple and plus everyone survived working with each other.

We shared some great moments before the ceremony with the couple. One of my favorite moments of any wedding is watching a Bride put on her dress. That moment when she feels like the most beautiful woman in the world and she will be to her husband. Jessica definitely  displayed that moment. Surrounded by the most important ladies in her life Jessica absolutely glowed and could not stop smiling. Not to mention she looked AMAZING!

The couple displayed their love by presenting gifts to each other. Each gift was so uniquely perfect for each person. I was with Jessica when she opened her gift from John. We were able to escape for a few minutes of alone time for her to truly marvel at the Custom Photo Frame with her favorite engagement photo… (too sweet!) Ryan captured John opening a pocket watch from his soon to be wife. Each gift showed how much the couple really captured each other’s loves.

So much love and adoration was displayed during the wedding. The different moments of from Jessica’s father holding the ring bearer, Jersey, before the wedding, the moment right before she was about to walk down the aisle, flower girls playing on the floor and of course the parents! The rawest emotions come from the parents as much as the couple.

During the wedding day, I love to steal the bride and groom away from EVERYONE for a little one on one time. My assistant and I met the couple at the Purple People Bridge on Newport on the Levee. John and Jessica performed a locking ceremony. A locking ceremony is when the couple puts a lock on a bridge and throw away the keys in the water. This symbolizes the everlasting love of the couple. We were able to spend a few minutes and focus on John and Jessica creating beautiful portraits of them.

The reception was beautifully decorated with Mask and Peacock colors. Each member of the bridal party and guest received a delicate mask to celebrate the time of the year. However, nothing will compare the STUNNING mask the John and Jessica wore while being introduced to their guest. The guest spent many moments on the dance floor. Of course, the sweet couple over sweet treats for their guest at the candy bar! I was forwarded to keep John away from the candy bar before the wedding (so we decided that we needed a photo of him at the candy bar before the wedding).

There is always one event during a reception that stands out as totally uniquely its own. For us, it was the cake cutting ceremony. Jessica definitely started the marriage off eventful by threatening John with a knife. While John played nice, Jessica did not. She smashed the cake ALL over his face. Poor John L but he was definitely a smart man.

Then the party began…

Except for our underage bridesmaid…

One of the best things about a wedding… how much of their individual personality are injected throughout the wedding. John and Jessica definitely inserted their personality. Jessica had CUSTOM painted Ariel shoes from the little mermaid to commemorate her grandfather. There was a sweet surprise of Zelda and Link characters peeping out from the back of their cake. Not to mention, the ring bearer was their doggie! We love these little details as they tell their love story.

When the day is over… we were able to capture beautiful shots of the wedding and survived working together for the first time. Cheers to our next wedding!!! Plus CONGRATULATIONS to our new married couple (and Ryan’s new BFF John since he was also a huge Zelda fan).


Until next time, with all our thanks!

Nicole and Ryan


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