Kelly + Johnny


A couple of months ago I (Nicole) was contacted by a longtime friend asking if she could purchase an engagement session for her amazing friends. She told me about this couple who had been engaged for a while and haven’t had their engagement photos done. Well of course Ryan and I were happy to help.

Our first meeting with Kelly and Johnny was at Panera. Poor Kelly was not feeling well but we were able to set up a game plan. Kelly and Johnny are having a fall wedding and wanted engagement photos that felt more like fall. Our meeting was in December… well past fall so we had to figure out a compromise. So, our game plan included an urban feel. Downtown became our destination.

December was crazy up and down with weather… and well this day was on the down side. The temperature was COLD and WINDY. Not a good combination when going to be outside for a few hours, but that did not stop any of us from having a great day. We would bundle up and allowed the sweet couple plenty of breaks to bundle up and try to warm up.

Our first stop was outside the Whiskey Bar. A smaller damper was placed when we learned a few days prior to the session that the bar was where our couple met was closed. Johnny and Kelly met at the bar once evening when Johnny hit Kelly with the bar door. Sometimes love just hits you hard…and for this couple it was a literal hit.

We ventured from the wind tunnel near the bar and headed to a sunnier part. The mid afternoon sun was brightly shinning in Sawyer Point near the Ohio River. I was provided a challenge of incorporating flags (since Johnny is a vet), the couple and a riverboat. The technical issue was the sun was behind the couple but in front of me. We were able to get all of the elements in great photos but the best part of this set up was the spontaneity of the couple. It was absolutely adorable how Kelly just jumped in Johnny’s arms. These small moments and impromptu actions make for truly amazing emotions!

Ok, this couple is too great to work with. We found this tree that looked like it had a butt… so of course we had to get some photos! Johnny was completely willing to pose with the tree!

Kelly and Johnny must have been extremely trusting with us… we took them to an empty level in a garage. Of course, Ryan made a comment that they were willing to go in a dark dirty garage with two people who barely they knew and close their eyes. Good thing we look like some nice people! Sometimes the weird location makes for great photos!

Last place we headed was to the Singing Bridge that connects Ohio to Kentucky. Our first thought was to work on the Ohio side except there was no place to park. We went over to the Kentucky side. While walking up to the bridge we all came up with the great idea to get some photos of them standing in front of the bridge. Ryan was watching my back and I was watching Kelly and Johnny’s back. We were able to get a couple of shots… and while walking out of the way a crazy car sped up to pass a long line of cars. The car was speeding approximately 60 miles an hour on the wrong side of the road. He came close to the couple and you can see Johnny’s instant protective nature over Kelly. After our brush with a crazy driver, we headed onto the bridge. We got a great view the city but had to deal again with the dropping temperatures. This part of the day was short, but we got great photos.

We had an amazing time with Kelly and Johnny on their photo shoot! Thanks to LB for bringing them our way and we are excited to announce that we will be photographing their wedding! They were such an amazing, fun and easy-going couple. They were such naturals in front of the camera that we will be ecstatic to capture their amazing wedding day!

Thanks and till next time,

Nicole and Ryan.



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