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Wedding season is wrapping up and proposal season is almost here as the holidays roll around in Cincinnati. Between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, there will be a ton newly engaged ladies! With engagement comes engagement photos.

Engagement sessions are our absolutely favorite time with a couple. There is no stress, no expectations, and no major time constraints! Our time together is spent getting to know our couple and the dynamics of their relationship.Often, we are asked about what props we supply or offer during an engagement session… the simple answer is we don’t. Before we get yelled at us or ask why… check out our 5 tips for successfully adding props to your engagement session. Tip # 3 will ease your mind!

  1. Let your photographer know ahead of time what props you will be bringing! Yes, photographers are the masters at improvising and going with the 􀂀ow, but we do love having a game plan as we head into the session. If you’re out shopping and find the PERFECT sign for your engagement session, buy it… but remember to just send a quick email or text to your photographer to let them know! You will not be sorry… giving a creative time to ponder and think about ideas will only benefit you!
  2. Ensure your props match the season! Nothing stands out like a sore thumb than a prop that does not fit the season. It’s like having a Christmas tree at Easter… they just don’t go well together. If you’re wanting picnic style engagement session in the fall, make sure your blanket screams fall. Ensuring all the elements of your session match will only give your images a high-end polished look… let’s be honest… who doesn’t want that?!
  3. Make the props meaningful to your relationship! In a world of imagery, it is very easy to get caught up in the idea of recreating all the adorable images you see… HELLO PINTEREST BOARDS! The best thing you can do when choosing your props are to make sure that the props are meaningful to you. They should tell YOUR story, not the story of a million other engaged couples who found the same photo online. Your engagement session is to capture your relationship, not to recreate someone else’s!
  4. Props should not be distracting! For a lack of better terms, keep your props classy! Avoid flashy colors or crazy designs. The last thing you want is something that will take attention away from you! Keeping your props simple, clean, and classy will only enhance the photos. The props should match your style and relationship.
  5. Your props will not be the main focus of the session! Getting caught up in creating the “perfect” scene or scenario for your engagement session with props can overtake your session. At the end of the day, your engagement session is about your love, not the cute sign or blanket you found. Photographers are more than happy to accommodate any props you will bring but remember it’s not about them. Having a prop in every image will just seem less about your love and more like a gimmick. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re trying to “sell” your love story.


When our couples bring props to their session, we are ecstatic to create beautiful images with them. Certain items will really tell your story. If you have not figured it out, we do not bring props because they will mean nothing to our couples. Our promise for an engagement session is to ensure we tell your love story!  While planning for your engagement session, remember these few tips!

Happy Planning,

Nicole and Ryan

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