9 Month Milestone of Ryleigh


Miss Ryleigh is already 9 months old!!! This year is flying by… it feels like yesterday that we were doing her newborn photos. We love how much she grows with each session and get excited to see what is new!Watch out world and send help to her momma as Ryleigh is now on the move. Since the last time we saw her, she is confidently sitting up and army crawling her way around…. and boy is she fast, especially when puffs are involved. Of course, her big bubby needs a few puffs as well.

In addition to crawling, Ryleigh is sporting some new teeth! She has at least 2 new teeth on the bottom. They were a little hard to catch, because Ryleigh was being awfully stingy with her smiles. We are not sure if she was hungry, cold, or just unsure of Ryan. Even after seeing him multiple times, she will not take her eyes off of him.

The first part of our session, we invaded the neighbor’s yard since it was filled with leaves.

Ryan grab a rake and made a her a leaf pile. Ryleigh was not sure about the big leaf pile. Maybe it was a little cold for her… however, big brother, Xander was more than excited to jump in the pile with his baby sister.

Then when we said he could throw them around, even better! Ryleigh ended her time in the leaves with tears. So… her first leaf pile experience left for things to be desired. Next fall… she’ll be just as excited about them as her brother.Moving the session inside, to a much warmer temperature, Ryleigh was happy to be able to crawl around. This is our jam… just playing and capturing her growth. At the beginning she was slightly crabby, but we think she was still trying to warm up from outside.Each and every milestone session we have had with Ryleigh, we end it with some photos of her and Xander. This is the best way to capture her growth. They had the cutest shirts ever! Big Brother’s Rock and Little Sister’s Roll!!!

Of course, we couldn’t forget about big brother! He was reading one of his fave books to his bear!

The next time we get to hang out with this adorable baby girl…she’ll be 1 Years old! Hello Cake Smash Session!

Have an amazing day,

Nicole and Ryan

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