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This week’s Tuesday Tips is going to be a little different. Normally, we list out several tips and how they will make your day less stressful and run as smoothly as possible. However, we want to talk about your details and how to ensure your photographer will capture all those small items!

As photographers, we can only assume (and we all know the saying about assuming!) what will be important to you. 99.95% of the time, we’re right… however… that’s not good enough to us. Our job that day is to capture all the important moments of the day… and yes the details are important. You have spent your time, your money and your energy on selecting these items to help tell your story. They are the supporting cast to the overall feel of your day.

Because we strive for perfection, we ask our Brides to do a little prep work before we ever walk into the Bridal Suite on their wedding day. The best part of this prep work… it can be done way in advance! Simply, gather all your bridal details and put them in one spot (shoe box, bag, or in something easy to grab). This will make life easier for both yourself and your photographer. This way, when the photographer walks in to the disaster zone, aka the Bridal Suite, all these small items are in one spot and you don’t have to waste time digging through tons of bags to find everything.

Here is our recommended list of items to have together for your photographer!

  1. Flowers- Bouquets and Boutonnieres
  2. Jewelry
  3. Shoes
  4. Garters
  5. Invitation including Save the Dates (We prefer 2 copies if possible)
  6. Perfume (Perfect reason to buy a new bottle!)
  7. Rings- ALL 3!!
  8. Dress (Don’t forget a pretty hanger!)
  9. Something Blue, Borrowed, New, Old
  10. Anything that is special/sentimental

Disclaimer… obviously your flowers and dress will not fit in a box… we DO NOT recommend trying to make it work!

Remember this is not an all-inclusive list. If there are items that mean the world to you, definitely pass it along to your photographer. As the Bride, you know what is important and they’re only guessing.

Happy Planning,

Nicole & Ryan

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