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We may be partial on this subject, but one of the most vial decisions to make for your wedding day is who will be your photographer(s)! Believe it or not, the photographer is one of the few people who you will spend majority of your day with (even more than the groom!) Choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding can be a little tricky! Of course, you can find tons of questionnaires and list by doing a simple Google search about what to ask a potential photographer.

Why these questionnaires can be very through and provide a ton of information… do they actually help in finding the right person? Honestly, do you actually care what kind of gear the photographer has?! or if a photographer has shot at your venue?! We have compiled the main questions that you should focus on and if you like these answers… then maybe it’s time to get into the nitty gritty details. With these simple questions, if the photographer does not meet your standard, there is no need to use up any more of your precious time. Here are our first 5 questions you should ask the photographer! FYI… Our tips are putting aside budget concerns!

  1. Style: Each photographer has a certain way they take photos and trust us; no 2 photographers are alike! There are various style of photography and know which type you are drawn to will help narrow your search. You will never fully be happy with a photographer that produces dark and moody images if you enjoy the bright and airy images. Truly scrutinize a photographer’s portfolio. Analyze the type of photos they are show casing. If you are not drawn to their portfolio, then you will not be drawn to how they interpreted your wedding day. Yes, you plan the wedding, but hey document it as they see it! Their portfolio is a how they see the world.
  2. Turnaround Time: Simply put… how long should you expect for your photographer to produce the images after the wedding day or even the engagement session! Every photographer has a different amount of time, just depending on their individual business. The average, that we have seen, is 6-8 weeks for a wedding and about 3-4 weeks for an engagement session. Some photographers have a quicker turnaround time while other ask for longer. In most cases, they may not be a deal breaker, however it will only set you up for a better wedding experience.
  3. Experience: How long has your photographer been shooting weddings? Yes, this is a good question to ask. We understand that everyone was a newbie as some point, but knowing the level of expertise your photographer has will help decide if you’re confident they will capture your day to your expectations. There is nothing wrong with hiring someone who does not bring a ton of experience to the table, as long as you are aware of that! (We suggest asking to see a full wedding gallery, remember a photographer’s portfolio is the best of the best.) At the end of the day, you need to trust your photographer 100% to have a successful day.
  4. Favorite Part of the Wedding Day: This may not be another deal breaker, but will provide some great insight into your photographer! Most photographers will have a part of the day that they enjoy the most and really gets their creative juices flowing! Normally, this is the part they will strive to have the most time at and showcase heavily in their portfolio. The reason, a photographer will showcase what they want to shoot! If they do not enjoy family formals, you will most likely not see tons of Family Formals (if any) in their portfolio. However, if this is the MOST important part of the day for you, finding photographer who enjoys that part of the day will align with your vision more so than a photographer who dreads that part of the day.
  5. Planning Involvement: A photographer will default to the wedding planning, especially if you do not have one, on the wedding day and maybe even before. Some photographers are very hands off and just want you to provide them the important information. Other photographers like to have their hand in how the day will unfold! There is nothing wrong with either, but once again, working with the right person will make a diff If you are the type of person who never wants to relinquish control, having another person’s opinion may not be the best for you… on the other hand, figuring out what time to schedule the ceremony is difficult enough, let alone how much time you should plan for Bride and Groom portraits, you may want to find a photographer how is more hands on during the planning process.

At the end of the day, finding a photographer who will provide the level of experience, produce the images you’re attracted to and provide the right amount of attention throughout your planning processes will be far more valuable than know what gear they shoot with (unless you’re a photographer!). Finding YOUR wedding photographer starts with asking the right questions! Hopefully, these tips will lead you down the right path!

Happy Planning,

Nicole and Ryan

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